You don’t need religious fanatics in order to hear the shouts of “heresy! heresy! heresy!” I predicted in 2007 that Social Media would be used to sniff out and silence dissenters. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

Yeeha! Behold the new STASI recruiting tool! Are google stalking my blog for great ideas? Hmm…get rewarded for being a snitch folks! Come on! You know you want to unlock the super tools of YouTube! Why am I always so right in predicting the worse when it comes to human behaviour. I do wonder.

“Censorship in the form of financial castration.” Just quoting one of the comments on this very worrying article about YouTube’s demonetization. Read this and cry.

Oh….I seem to remember that I posted this not that long ago… The New STASI app, sorry FB.

If you are to be crucified for posting silliness on your own personal FB, isn’t that the same as being persecuted for writing BS on your own front door or setting up a sign in your garden, that can be potentially offensive to people who walk by your property? Is it right to get into trouble for writing potentially offensive thoughts in a diary, or to reveal controversial view points in private letters? Why would it be ok to receive criminal charges for saying whatever you feel like saying on a private account on a social media site?

Fabulously written by a Norwegian artist friend of mine. It is about political correctness in Norway and Norwegians losing their jobs when they challenge the current orthodoxy.

Which made me think of what I wrote lately: Animal Farm.

Think about this: People have voluntarily provided sensitive, personal information to the worlds largest “people-register” of all times. A people register that is global. That has all your personal conversations, everything that you have ever “liked”, any photo of you and your relatives and friends. And the best of all is that…. nobody had to force you to give up all of that information. Splendid.

The super awesome spy robot copy

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