The Current European Culture Clash.


A society that has to be held together by enforcing anti-hate-speech laws, cannot possibly be considered a particularly united or safe nation. The fact that these laws have mainly been enforced on ethnic Europeans, suspicious and upset about muslim transgressions within their own countries, is deeply worrying. I assume that there are some elements of racism now and then, which is horrible and should be rightfully condemned, but it cannot be denied that there has been an explosion of rapes in Sweden, indecent behaviour in Germany and that there is an overall culture clash that is resonating in any socially liberal western country where masses of muslims are introduced. The rampant attacks worldwide committed by Islamists, targeting the sinful, the non-believers, the unworthy, cannot be overlooked either. The fact that the authorities within our own countries seem so reluctant to crack down on misbehaviour in the muslim communities, only translates as fear. Just like it is easier to crack down on “suspicious” Europeans travelling to USA by plane, accusing them of potentially “sneak-immigrating” into America, to take advantage of their welfare system. This illusion of “strict-American-border-controll” happens while Latino gangs easily jump over the border from Mexico, flooding the country with illegal immigrants and gangs. In order to improve statistics, authorities try to police those who are easy to police. It is uncomfortable to be honest about the failed integration of some muslim factions within European countries, so it is largely brushed under the carpet, or it has been until recently.

Whenever there is a terror attack, the media rushes out to talk about how the attack is actually “worse for the muslims”. They are the true victims as Islamists paint the wrong image of the muslim faith. In the aftermath of an attack, the authorities announce that they are bracing themselves for “right-wing”retaliation. The thing though, is that a massive, dangerous “right-wing-extremist-retaliation” never really happens. What you normally get is an “anti-Islamification” protest or a small-scale “lone-wolf” attack. But the cauldron of hatred is simmering. Largely this cannot be attributed to genuine racist feelings, as if this was the case, Europe would never have welcomed immigration in the first place years ago when it first started. People would have fled Europe to go back to their country of origin or somewhere else, but this did not happen as people came and decided to stay. First generation immigrants, were perceived as integrating successfully, as they provided a workforce and obviously felt safe and welcomed enough to raise families on foreign soil. Strangely enough, the problem lies with the younger generations, as it is becoming more evident that they are being torn between two conflicting cultures. Β There has been a growing resentment towards Muslim communities as a result of their lack of willingness Β to integrate, fuel has only been added to the fire whenever spokespeople have demanded on behalf of muslims, that we – the people of European nations – should change our ways to accommodate them. When requests have been fulfilled by government officials, it has only added to the picture of “the wellbeing of muslims taking priority over everyone elses feelings.” This is especially evident when it comes to muslim demands regarding christianity, complaining over the presence of crucifixes, taking offence to anything that is critical of Islam in a society that constantly ridicules its own religion, demanding the right to wear religious garments regardless of security risks and the right to be more faithful to the Quran than Western laws. All of this combined with Β increased attacks within the European continent is deeply worrying. Nations being created within nations, unwillingness to integrate, and a slow burning anger fuelled by stories suppressed by the mainstream media speaking of muslim violence towards ethnic Europeans. The anger and resentment are like a cancer that is slowly growing, spreading and sickening entire nations, the cauldron will reach a boiling point. If this was due to nothing but racism, then the hate would have spilled over a long time ago. Which it has not. The muslim communities in European nations have largely been left “to-do-their-own-thing” and any suspicion has been ridiculed and “made-an-example-of” in order to stomp out racial prejudices. This has not served anyone well though, as the suffocation of people criticising Islam, only have contributed to more resentment.

When National Geographic writes an article about “The New Europeans” and some western politicians openly celebrates a future, where ethnic Europeans will be minorities within their own countries, you officially have to ask yourself: “at what point do we draw the line? And what is to be done?”.

Especially worrying is a “new” scientific study concerning multiculturalism, conducted by a very liberal expert, that withheld his findings for 6 years as he did not like the results. Β After publishingΒ he feared that right-wing politicians might use his findings to their own advantage, as his results showed that ethnic diversity within neighbourhoods/countries boosts tensions, alienation and conflicts. The only antidote being “replacement” with a new more homogenous population, as a result of inter-racial breeding over time.

And here is the dumbest article I’ve ever read. It reads like an instruction manual, on how to spot and identify a “right-wing-family” in Germany. Apparently anyone is a “right-winged-extremist” if they criticise Merkel’s politics…

When you have travelled as much as I’ve done and when you’ve actually lived in as many countries as I have, you know that racism and hate towards “whites” is real, and this hate and disdain for whiteness gets hyped up everyday by politicians/leaders who play people out against each other….

Below are some videos and news articles. There are plenty available online, but as I find it rather depressing to contemplate the “disruption of the peace” in Europe, I’m not particularly keen on spending too much time on this topic.

A couple of muslims trying to defend their faith ↓

Angry people from both sides

This is from the UK

Muslim preaching

There has been a growing trend lately of Protestant Priests bending the knee for Islam, here is one guy who clearly doesn’t. I believe that this guy was arrested because of this statement:


The first openly gay muslim man in Norway gets denied service in muslim shops, while authorities refuse to get involved.Β Religious feelings justifies discrimination time and time again as long as it is not the Christian faith. Secularism is championed only if it undermines our religion.Β Β

An interesting video from a female muslim Quran expert. In this video she explains how muslims who take foreign women as sex-slaves shame Allah, as sex slaves are only to be taken as a result of war. I don’t find this video particularly shocking as exploitation in war is hardly anything new. What constitutes “aggression” against Islam can probably be debated, I myself don’t know enough about the religion to know what would specifically classify as aggression towards their faith. Even though it is controversial to say so, Islam has been an aggressor historically speaking. Our continent has been standing up to muslim expansion and genocide for generations. Our modern leaders in contrast decided to let people from the Islamic world into our countries. Can we expect that anyone who holds conservatives views in relation to the muslim religion, is against us and see us as their enemies due to the fact that we are non-believers and live in sin? Could we be considered enemies among moderate muslims due to “war mongering” leaders interfering in the middle east.? Are we automatically an enemy by being nice towards jewish people? Β I myself hope to see an uprising in westernised “cafeteria” Islam and more traditional views being replaced by secularism. If there is one thing that modern leaders seems to have forgotten it is the old saying: “never underestimate your enemy.”Β Our leaders underestimates the resilience of Islam and fool themselves when they think that they can use the muslim faith to their own benefit.

It saddens me that this sort of behaviour should be normalised. There isΒ nothing “normal” in violent religiously motivated attacks and it should NOT be tolerated.Β The fact that the liberal wing covers up the severity of “radical” Islam, troubles, saddens and disappoints me deeply. We are not the victims of an invasion, we are the victims of our leader’s open invitation.

Japan doing the only sensible thing:

There should be a military tribunal regarding the de-stabilization in the middle-east in my opinion. It can be claimed that ISIS’s rise to power is largely an American creation, due to their clumsy meddling in other’s affairs. Shame on you Washington.

A muslim girl in Norway ostracized by her own family as she was in a relationship with a Norwegian boy. In this Norwegian article it is revealed how she escaped an arranged marriage, that was organised after her “transgression” in order to save the family’s honour.

Muslim girls in Scandinavia have to undergo “virgin checks” due to pressure from their parents.Β This is technically illegal for doctors in Norway to do and has created much heated debate. A muslim girl risks death if she is found to not be a virgin on her wedding night.

Ok……behold the “New Europeans”. You were labeled a “mad-conspiracy-theorist” if you were to criticise the EU for “replacing” ethnic Europeans with foreigners before, now apparently it is publicly accepted. The “New Europeans” are the future of our continent, which is apparently perfectly fine. Why are we supposed to celebrate and/or aid our own gradual destruction? What’s up with these leaders who hate their own peoples to such an extent that they want to destroy them from within? Horrible. I’m Norwegian. My family is an old one. I have a right to reside in Norwegian territory and I have a blood-right to my passport. What am I and what is my family and what is my blood line if anyone can be Norwegian and anyone can have a claim to Norwegian territory? Why is it ok that Scandinavians are loosing territory to third-world migrants who have been imported into our nation by politicians? And why are politicians saying that we “need immigrants” due to low birth-rates? Wouldn’t it be more patriotic to champion more Norwegians and other Europeans, rather than championing a replacement? And why are child marriages, genital mutilation, arranged marriages, honour killings, blasphemy against the prophet even being discussed by our ridiculous leaders? Is this supposed to be culturally “enriching?” I’m appalled by the treachery that all of these European leaders have engaged in. There is this insane myth that a “dead white person is a good white person, as if though only white people are guilty of racism. Remove the white man, and you remove the source of conflict. Feel free to read about the future of our continent right here:

This is what is considered politically correct right now:

Only Eastern-European leaders are allowed to be strong. Remember you will probably wake up with a Hitler moustache if you are white and proud of your country, and heritage. I’m sure that the Czech President is labeled as an extremist, for daring to be a patriot. It is important to hate yourself and your own heritage if you are to be a politically correct European, so shame on you if you think that this patriotic speech makes sense. Behold the most offensive modern leader out there, who is offensive, since he dares to look after the people that he has been elected to look after.

Behold a VERY politically incorrect Christmas speech ( which is instantly offensive, due to it being a Christmas speech – remember – Christmas is very offensive):

Muslim men in England, grooming young English girls for sexual exploitation. I watched this tv-show when it aired and was shocked that the mainstream actually mentioned these issues, which have been common knowledge for years.

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