White House Bisexuality Briefing


And here for something totally different than what I usually post. I found this interesting but found myself slightly confused when I saw political issues beign mixed into this. I’ve never heard of “intersectionalism” before. I would prefer if gender/different sexual orientations could be treated as issues on their own, rather than being dragged into and mixed with other issues, but in the spirit of “freedom of ideas” I thought: ” why not reblog this?”

Rewriting The Rules

On 26th September 2016 I attended a historic bisexuality briefing atย the White House. Bisexual community leaders had met with the Whiteย House on previous occasions, but never before had the meeting beenย live-streamed, recorded, and made public during and after the event.ย There were well over a hundred bisexual activists in attendance, andย the two hour event mixed together talks and panels on vital topics asย well as some powerful music, poetry and other creative input aboutย bisexual experiences.

It was extremely valuable to me to have the opportunity to learn aboutย how bisexual matters are being discussed and engaged with in the US.ย Speakers emphasised many of the same issues that affect bisexualย people globally: invisibility, discrimination from both straight andย gay communities, and high rates of mental health struggles due toย biphobia. However, it was also striking how much careful attention wasย paid to intersectionality. That is the idea that sexuality intersectsย with many other aspects of experienceโ€ฆ

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