Awesome debut from my brother πŸ˜‰ His writing style is certainly more sophisticated than mine πŸ˜› Check it out and feel free to troll him πŸ˜› ha-ha-ha #siblinglove

The Varangian Immigrant

In this, my first post on this blog, I would like to discuss the idea of progress. In modern politics there are some words that are used ad nauseam, with little concern for their real-world implications, and a naΓ―ve belief that they are unconditionally good such as diversity, tolerance, and of course the focus in this piece: Progress.

Progress can be defined as β€œForward or onward movement towards a destination,” or β€œDevelopment towards an improved or more advanced condition.” Unfortunately this second definition is often assumed as the natural, inevitable form of progression in politics/culture, and while it is important for politics/culture to work towards goals we must take care that what we are moving towards is not in fact worse than our current state of affairs. We should also acknowledge the reality that different people on the individual, tribal, national, and even civilizational level will often have very different…

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