Things To Read….

We are apparently moving closer to WW3 thanks to the Syrian conflict according to various online articles. Russia vs. USA and whatever allies that gets mixed up in the middle….Seems totally random for a civilian to read these things; where on earth did this “nuclear threat” all of a sudden come from? Politicians over in Kremlin have apparently been trying to push Putin to nuke something small over here, like the Faroe Islands or something to teach us all a lesson, not quite sure why we would “deserve” something like this or what lesson we would learn? But Washington, NATO, probably the EU and Gods knows who else are pissing on the Russians and Putin has had enough. Makes me wonder what sort of issues that are not being reported on over here. Our news are either heavily censored or Kremlin totally paranoid. Β Not that long ago a whole bunch of military personnel were fired to give way to generals (I believe), that would be willing to engage in warfare against Europeans.

On a different note, Assange is at it again, in case you’ve missed it. Tons of emails revealing the truth about the Clinton campaign and how rotten it truly is. How arrogant Clinton is, not to mention how criminal. The fact that this woman has escaped prison is a disgrace considering how strict the judicial system is for average Americans. I hope that the US will be able to sort out their problems. It is a lovely country and it saddens me when urban gangsters, incompetent, criminal politicians and unpatriotic business people do their best to destroy it 😦 😦 😦 😦

Here are some online articles that aren’t really that serious, you can read more about the above by googling around:

Society has become waaay too sensitive.

This woman is 62????????????????

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