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I'm primarily a 7 string guitar virtuoso, bel-canto trained coloratura soprano & songwriter in Classical-Crossover, Heavy Metal & Acoustic Music. I've been featured in a number of major international music magazines, National Newspapers, etc; I've played major festivals & have been a Talk-Show guest on National TV & Radio. I've also been a coach & a judge on Norwegian prime time TV show "Stjernekamp" :) I've released an Amazon bestselling Classical Album that has been going in and out of the charts ever since its release in 2014 and I've also been award nominated for my work in Heavy Metal. I've written & illustrated "The Freezing Snowman" and a number of other books. This blog was started in 2015 due to public demand and has so far resulted in one book called "Thoughts." I've pretty much written about anything that one can write about besides make-up, dating and fashion. This blog has gone trough numerous changes both in terms of topics and layout. I don't know for how long my blogging-hobby will continue.

4 thoughts on “Opinions….

  1. Well put, Miss Hagen. I’ve let myself get worked up by the rhetoric of others, especially that which comes from people of another political persuasion, recently. It is easy to come to snap judgments about others by what they say and post. I believe, all the interest in social media is, inadvertently, turning us into narcissists. Me…me…me…selfies and posting everything we do, as if we’re celebrities and the world is hanging on every word we say. I’m guilty of it, too. We’re too sensitive, these days. Everybody is offended by something. Recently, I heard a comedian say, “what’s wrong with being offended? What’s the worst thing that could happen? You’ll be offended!”
    A friend of mine once said, “never believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.” Cheers!

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  2. Couldn’t agree more. (Social) media has a huge influence on people and opinions because, as you put it, people do not educate themselves first.

    I remember a teacher in high school whom we all thought was kind of eccentric. We’d read Fahrenheit 451 and were talking about it. He used to talk about the ‘walls’, ‘seashells’ and billboards being three times longer than they are now … this led to his vision of the future where people would be force-fed information via media to keep conformity in the status-quo. Keeping in mind, this was years before the Internet, smartphones and ipods. I used to think he was kinda nutty and had his own anti-government agenda, but as technology (communication) has progressed over the years I’m kinda thinking he was a visionary – everything he used to talk about is happening so much now. He’d asked us all to do one thing … never make a decision on anything important based on somebody’s view – always educate ourselves on both sides of the issue. I really wish he was alive so I could personally thank him for this advice.

    People a far too quick to judge anything based on a meme or an ill-informed facebook post. Reaction (sometimes violent) without education has become most people’s method of dealing with anything. It’s a sad state!

    Keep it real !!! … as you always do 😀

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