Life is a lottery. You don’t decide what you start out with and you never know what you might bump into. There is strength and happiness in gratitude 🙂 Often the power of happiness lays in realising the value of a moment that to most would seem mundane or uneventful. Most walk by miracles and beauty without realising it…everyday…


9 thoughts on “Autumn.

  1. Kenny Muriel says:

    Looks so peaceful. Hey so I’m about to order a signed book from you. I’m not sure where I can specify details. Like I wanted it to say happy birthday and a child’s name if possible. do I email you or is there somewhere on paypal to do so? Sorry to bother you. by the way you have beautiful eyes.


  2. Kenny Muriel says:

    Thanks so much! It’s no problem. I’m not sure if you noticed I ordered your other CDs from your website too, the 2 guitars classical, the 2 demos, and also I ordered the single zigeunerweisen op 20 from Amazon. I am excited and look forward to your future projects.


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