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Before you read any further….here is an article concerning online petitions and here are some reviews of CREDO. It’s a good idea to know what you are signing up for whenever you feel propelled to sign a petition. Who owns the organization? What is the organization all about? Does the organization have an underlying political platform? The questions can be countless…..and sometimes the answers can be hard to find and time consuming to search for. I remember I eagerly signed up for MoveOn.org in the US years ago, only to find out at the time (I don’t know about now) that it was run by communists. The US is filled to the brim with communist groups that fundamentally hate and bear an absolute disdain towards the principles of the American system. These groups are well organised and bus people in to Washington, organising countless protest, gaining support from people by hijacking popular causes. Me signing certain petitions does not mean that I fully endorse the organisation that is hosting them. It does not mean that I stand by their underlying political agenda, whatever that might be. I also base my support for certain issues on the information provided by the initiator/s  behind each petition and a quick google search…whenever I share an opinion about an article I’ve read I usually include the source……so that people can see for themselves what caused my reaction.

Honour British veterans: https://www.change.org/p/fifa-let-england-and-scotland-footballers-wear-their-poppies-with-pride?recruiter=171920759&utm_source=petitions_share&utm_medium=copylink

No to savage slaughtering of animals in the UK: https://www.change.org/p/rt-hon-theresa-may-mp-to-ban-halal-slaughter-in-the-uk?recruiter=171920759&utm_source=petitions_share&utm_medium=copylink

Protect 1st amendment rights in the USA https://act.credoaction.com/sign/dapl_assault?t=2&akid=20401.8901925.aCr6-N

I received an email about a petition “to stop the Dakota Oil Pipeline”. I can understand why American Indians would want to have power over what little land they have left but wouldn’t it be possible to move the location of the pipeline? Energy independency must surely be a western priority. We need to free ourselves in every way possible from Middle Eastern influence in my opinion. Why are only western companies under scrutiny when it comes to oil spills? According to what I’ve heard the safety provided by western oil companies is way better than what can generally be found in the Middle East. US Oil & More US Oil

An interesting case in Canada Arctic Mystery

A very interesting petition, Warren’s argument and her justification for demanding this should be read. You can do so over at the CREDO website.

“I just stood with Sen. Elizabeth Warren to demand that the FBI Director and Justice Department explain the failure to prosecute bankers, and I think you should too”


I signed this petition as I’m a supporter of local farms and the idea of diversity in the “food market”. Wether Monsanto is an “evil”company or not is not for me to say.

“The mega-merger of Monsanto and Bayer could put 90 percent of the world’s food production in the hands of only four multinational corporations, threaten the safety of our food supply, and force farmers to use more toxic chemicals and GMOs.That’s why I just took action urging the Justice Department to block this dangerous merger.”


Americans have the power to sign a petition about this, I sadly have not. You can read here about Corexit

Help this little dog https://www.change.org/p/belfast-city-council-save-hank-belfastcc?recruiter=171920759&utm_source=petitions_share&utm_medium=copylink

I just took action urging grocery store giant Albertsons, which owns chains including Osco, Safeway, Star Market and many more, to stop selling canned foods lined with toxic BPA.


An interesting issue, which side is right? http://www.offthegridnews.com/current-events/mainers-didnt-want-an-87500-acre-national-monument-but-obama-created-one-anyway/

A very interesting article, if it can be believed… http://www.offthegridnews.com/current-events/your-suspicions-about-gmo-crops-were-just-confirmed-by-a-nyt-report/

Very important

“I just signed a petition calling on the EPA to ban the use of the toxic atrazine herbicide in the United States. It’s already banned in Europe, where it’s produced, and has been shown to have toxic effects on humans and animals. The EPA should protect Americans from toxic chemicals in our food and water.”


Are “democratic” politicians genuinely concerned about land that is sacred to Native Americans or are they just using these issues to attack private business? What are they gaining? Why is it so that “republican” politicians are so silent on issues that deal with the environment? Money is worthless if everything is toxic. What are “progressives” absolute obsession with the food industry, is it driven by morality or personal profit? Who is to benefit? There are no such things as Saints in politics….

“Monsanto has convinced Congress to consider a dangerous GMO labeling bill that would forever prevent true GMO labels from appearing on food packaging, dismantle Vermont’s first-ever GMO labeling law, and even exempt most foods that contain GMOs from ever being labeled. That’s why just took action demanding Congress reject this massive giveaway to Monsanto and protect real GMO labeling.”


“This is absolutely awful: a new study found that beekeepers lost 44 percent of their bees nationwide from 2015 to 2016 — and the US government knows that toxic pesticides are partially to blame.

That’s why I just took action urging the EPA to ban bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides. I think you should too.”


Always stand up for workers rights. Period.

“Subject: I just signed this petition to stand up for factory workers, will you? I just signed this petition telling the Department of Labor to enforce fair labor standards in the egg and poultry industry – Will you sign too?”


This is for workers in the UK.


What can be done?


Proud to say that I signed this petition ages ago 😉 http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/theresa-may-committed-to-introducing-alan-turing-law-and-pardon-gay-men-convicted-of-outdated-crimes-a7320851.html?utm_source=change_org&utm_medium=petition

For those with disabilities: https://www.change.org/p/cafe-nero-american-apparel-stop-segregating-disabled-people?recruiter=171920759&utm_source=petitions_share&utm_medium=copylink

For those with mental health problems: https://www.change.org/p/petition-to-get-mental-health-education-on-the-curriculum?recruiter=171920759&utm_source=petitions_share&utm_medium=copylink

Keep meat edible, please…. https://www.change.org/p/don-t-risk-lives-keep-meat-inspections-independent?recruiter=171920759&utm_source=petitions_share&utm_medium=copylink

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