Just making those of you who follow my blog aware of the fact that there is a NEW video with me OUT NOW! If you want some tips on how to learn guitar quickly and in an easy fun way check it out! ALSO – if you want to improve your guitar skills or learn how to shred I offer guitar lessons over Skype, so make sure you order some from my website before it’s too late 😉 I teach all levels and will custom make your lessons to fit your specific needs! If you want to learn how to sing and master the old-school Italian bel canto technique as well make sure you check out the video with my mom and me 😉 Lessons can be ordered through my website, don’t miss out!


6 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO OUT NOW!

  1. Kenny Muriel says:

    I love dr neon strings! I have green ones on my guitar and other colors in boxes when it’s time to change them. ☺

    A few questions:

    1. As an independent artist, which helps support you and your music and book more: ordering directly from your website, Amazon, or CD baby? Or are they all about equal? I would have thought it’s better through you directly which is why I order them from your website. Plus I love getting them signed.

    2. Is there anywhere I can find or anyway I can get the lyrics to the “I Am” album? I love to read along with written lyrics while I listen to songs sometimes.

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    • thecommanderinchief says:

      The best way to support an artists is to buy from them directly, you do get payed from distributors but it takes time and they always take their %. Everything helps but an artist has to sell quite a substantial amount in order to get by, also a management will take their %. People stealing music for example don’t help an artist at all. It becomes even more ironic when people complain about lack of new releases….as any type of recording costs, even if you record in your basement you’ll have to rent some gear or if you are lucky you might borrow some. You’ll have to hire at least 1 person or find a friend who can help you by exchanging favours. But you cannot base a business on others good will, so the best thing is to go about things properly 😉 Which costs. Also if you have specific ideas for videos you will not see these materialise unless you have the funding to do so. You can abstain from releasing videos or you can make your own and be totally underground. Still you’ll be compromising artistically as you don’t really get what you envisioned. Life is probably very simple for those musicians who aren’t creative. The majority of my music is as of today unreleased. Same with video ideas. It costs extra to print lyrics. As an artist you have to keep all costs down. Even postage or the padding inside envelopes can potentially kill you financially. The padding inside envelopes can add to the weight, making postage even more expensive. So you gotta save wherever you can. There are many who have requested lyrics. I could of course publish a lyric book separately. That could be an idea 😉


      • Kenny Muriel says:

        I thought so. Yes I agree about people stealing music. I try to make every effort to find and purchase all music legitimately, even if the artist offers a download of it for free. First I try to find a physical CD because I just prefer and love physical CDs that I can carry everywhere and play in my car (my aux jack is broken so I can’t play off my iPod), also I like holding it and looking at the artwork. If I really can’t find it on cd anywhere (other than unreasonable prices like $1,000 plus that I’ve actually seen for an out of print CD), then I will search amazon, itunes, or wherever I can buy the digital download. I feel the artist has worked hard and deserves the respect and incentive to keep on creating music for their fans. I did not know that lyrics would cost extra. Well I suppose yes printing and paying for the paper, however what if you had the lyrics listed somewhere on your website? I always like to sing along and hopefully with accurate lyrics when I do so. However I do like that lyric book idea. I’d buy it for sure.

        Well as I’ve now ordered all of your CDs available on your website, your children’s book, and the Zig.. Op 20 single on amazon, I guess all there’s left to do is buy some things from your zazzle store, start sending donations and/or get some guitar lessons from you (although I’m not sure I’d be such a great student.)

        I hope I can help support and see more of your unreleased music released in the future. 🙂

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      • thecommanderinchief says:

        thanks a lot 🙂 you are very kind 😀 It’s really awesome when people get the reality of being an artist 🙂 but then again, I’ve always felt that there is something special with a lot of the people who like my music as they pay for it; and you have no idea how much I appreciate this. I get really emotional and happy when I see people paying attention to what I’m releasing and/or when people pay for my art! There are some lyrics out on my reverbnation I believe, but it is a bit messy the whole lyric thing. I’ve been thinking about the book idea all day today, and I’ve now decided that that’s something I want to do! It would be like a picture book for adults in a way 😀 I really want to make it happen for next year preferably for my birthday, as I would love to release something on that day :):):):)


  2. Kenny Muriel says:

    You’re very welcome. Thank you for sharing your music and creativity. I think that book sounds fantastic and I’d definitely like to get it. So I’ve only recently come across you earlier this year and I’d just like to know. When is your birthday?


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