Don’t read. Reading leads to thinking.Thinking leads to discussions. Discussions leads to conclusions. Conclusions about yourself, your society and the world. If you indulge in sharing ideas it will lead to even more thinking, which will lead to even more reading. There can therefore be no doubt that curiosity and hunger for knowledge should be eradicated from the human genome. At least if you want to uphold an orderly population who never questions your fanatical doctrine. So don’t read. Unless you want to be the enemy.Β 

What is spookier: to hide the truth out of fear or to speak the truth, come what may?

Some years ago I remember that politicians came out and said that you could get into trouble if you showed sympathy online for Julian Assange. After initially thinking of him as awesome, displaying my support for someone who forced transparency upon those whose wages are based on tax payer’s money; I deleted my entries after my management insisted on me doing so. Why? Because there was a concern that I might have trouble getting into the USA in the future if Assange was to be labeled a terrorist. If American authorities were to act upon their threat and persecute those who offered Wikileaks support online, how would that pan out?

Then came Snowden and it became increasingly difficult not to say something. I did share something concerning Snowden on my official FB as *surprise, surprise * I thought that he was cool too. As I had seen previously with other political posts, it went largely unnoticedΒ –Β whether this was due to general indifference or FB’s censorshipΒ when it comes to politics – God knows.

The whole idea that the government should be allowed to take your money through taxes, fining you for whichever behaviour that is classified at any given time as “incorrect,”throwing you into a quagmire of bureaucratic red tape with all its potential fines as well and arresting you if you can’t pay or confiscate what is yours, is legalised looting. Β The fact that they spy on their tax-cattle in addition, while you shouldn’t know too much of what goes on within the corridors of power is outrageous. Sounds like one hell of a dysfunctional relationship to me. Especially when the government disarm their people and their ability to withstand a tyrannical and/or intrusive government. Well gangs also got the means to keep order, enforcing what they see fit.

Some might say that politics should be left to the experts. That we have elected officials who should ponder how to govern. But what is to be done when these representatives seek a position only to enrich themselves and fall for the temptation of corruption?

Then what?

Who’s job and duty is it to be the guard dog of democracy when the press becomes too corrupt and filled with ideological fanatics? Religious fanaticism is not only limited to religion, political fanaticism is just the same. The gracious upholders of truth proudly pushes the doctrine throwing any heretics under the bus. The only watchdogs we have are political online activists whose end game is unclear. And what happens to them? Those who are on the run are labeled as criminals, those who are the official opposition are labeled as either un-reliable news outlets or nut-case conspiracy theorists.

Information needs to be curbed.Β Remember what I wrote above. Don’t read. Don’t think. Don’t discuss. Just agree. Agree with what? Whatever that is convenient … at any given moment.

Then you got the largely failed utopianΒ multiculturalism project. Anyone who has criticised the potential dangerous outcome has been labeled a “racist” a “right-wing-extremist” and not only that, ordinary social media usersΒ have even been arrested by theΒ policeΒ for “posting content critical of Islam.” Everything has been done to accommodate people from a culture so fundamentally different from all of the various ethnic groups in Europe, that it can best be described as lunacy. Christmas lights in the streets are nowΒ banned in some parts/or all of Sweden while racial tensions are growing within their state-funded school system.Β The Swedes hand out anti-rape bracelets to women, as this will apparently deter sexual assaults from those who have already admitted through their actions that they fundamentally disrespect other’s private space. Β And on top of this we actually have a bizarre anti-blasphemy procedureΒ operating on behalf of Islam as well in Europe.

Who would have thought that!Β After fighting Christian theocracy for so long? Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all to dismantle the Christian influence in Europe if you see what it is being replaced with. Either conservative Islam or a Godless religion which grants divinity to men. Humans who forget their limitations and who they are. Humans that would rather marvel at their latest gadgets than at the miraculous nature that surrounds them. Humans that would destroy the planet and all that resides on it in the name of convenience, money or both. A religion that grants any celebrity a halo, elevating them to oracle status, proclaiming them prophets. A religion that wants to protect the guiltyΒ while aborting the innocent. Its politicians, holy warriors of a political agenda no matter how destructive, obliterating so-called “social constructs” in order to replace them with genuine “social constructs” that are detrimentalΒ and out of touch with reality.

What is a person who doesn’t stand for anything? A coward one might say. A hostage of potential public opinion one might reason, if the person/institution in question is an artist or a public company. Β How far should the fear of potential lost revenue drive people? What does honour matter to court jesters or economists? Or maybe one should ask: How can one live with an annihilated self and what is a life without honour? Those who thrive might be the faceless, but for how long? The world might belong to the spineless … but only if you let them.

As I said, don’t read.

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