Some years back I found myself waiting for a train at a London train station. I had been out travelling once again with my guitar and sat there on a bench late in the evening all by myself. A homeless man came and sat next to me and starting talking. He told me his story in a thick African accent of how he had come to England to become a teacher. I sat listening to him answering whatever questions he had about my guitar, as I obviously was a musician. Before I had to go to catch my train I gave him some of my change. A “starving artist” sharing what little I had.

This act of kindness was not exactly something that I officially shared with people. I don’t take selfies with the destitute, I don’t post about cooking or being there for a sick relative. I don’t share these type of things. Very little if anything has ever been revealed about our hardships behind the scenes as a family when we’ve been building up the brand of “the commander-in-chief.” Even when I did my first crowd-funding campaign I refused to sit there all teary-eyed lamenting into the camera. I’ve always had a strong aversion to such things.

4 days ago I posted a post on my Instagram that was anti-marxist. The reason as to why is that I profoundly feel that the culture-war was won by people who are detrimental to the prosperity of the west. The spirit of the people is what I’m talking about. When the politically correct climate becomes a culture where self-hate and embarrassment is the norm; you only really prepare yourself for a take-over. You cannot have a culture where a single race becomes the only potential perpetrator and where the marginalisation of natives is the end goal. Especially when you take into consideration that this marginalisation is to be the result of an attitude shift, rather than an invasion and/or lost battles. I criticised this movement as racist. I don’t approve. I neither approve of anti-family sentiments, anti-standards measures, anti-personal-mastery sentiments or anti-be-proud-of-your-country-measures. It won’t do.

This provoked a follower who couldn’t believe that I complained about racism towards white people. When I defended my statement, as it is a rightful concern, not produced out of fantasy. He continued by stating that “ we as humans should be able to feel empathy for others. You are lacking in that department.” 4 other followers came to my defence as they clearly couldn’t understand as to why I was lacking in empathy, when I voiced my concern for my fellow westerners.

Two current popular myths are that acts of kindness or displaying concern for others only find their validity once you help people in other continents or people who are of a different ethnicity.

Recently Madonna raised 7.5 million USD. Rather than helping destitute Afro-Americans in 3rd world-esque ghettos or helping underprivileged Caucasians or Latinos in the USA, she decided to send the money to Malawi. Not to forget that she proclaimed how embarrassed she was of her own country during the fundraiser….

Because of this I was very encouraged when I saw that Dolly Parton is doing her share to help her fellow countrymen http://www.theblaze.com/news/2016/12/01/tennessee-native-dolly-parton-is-helping-wildfire-victims-get-back-up-on-their-feet/

and that Lady Gaga recently visited a youth centre. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4002310/Lady-Gaga-shares-deepest-secret-visiting-Harlem-youth-shelter.html

These are the type of actions that we should hope to see more of. Especially when you consider how destitute our own are increasingly becoming, both here http://policy-practice.oxfam.org.uk/our-work/inequality/food-poverty

and in the USA. http://www.prisonplanet.com/war-on-the-homeless-cities-all-over-america-are-passing-laws-making-it-illegal-to-feed-and-shelter-those-in-need.html

The individual critiquing me on Instagram also proclaimed that it is Capitalism that needs to be fought. I am aware that this is a popular notion, but according to Michel Foucault for example, poverty only rose in pre-revolution France when businesses were taxed more. Recently I came across a petition displaying what companies do when the government tries to improve conditions for workers https://www.change.org/p/marks-spencers-don-t-make-staff-cuts-to-pay-living-wage not to mention those enterprises that recently have announced their new plans thanks to Donald Trump’s victory. http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/news/2016/12/06/trump-softbank-invest-50b-us-create-50000-jobs/95050926/

I would also like to add that “Communism” killed people before and after Nazism’s rise to power and defeat. “Communism” is still claiming lives today while people sport “fashionable” Che Guevara shirts as the mainstream press cries over Castro. I would also like to add that people have to be forced to stay when you implement a so-called “communist” state, meaning a socialist state pursuing the unattainable goal of pure communism. Yes, the left argues that “real” communism has never been tried. Of course not, when no nation ever gets past the authoritarian socialist stage. Or well, the project has been tried numerous times and FAILED.






3 thoughts on “Empathy…….

  1. Sean Morgan says:

    I’m always baffled by people who rip apart capitalism yet benefit from it in every aspect of their lives.

    I wonder if all those progressives sporting Che Guevara shirts are ever concerned with where and how those t-shirts are made?



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