Jordan Peterson et la la nouvelle trahison des clercs


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screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-5-46-57-pmRight now there are only two Canadian academics with the requisiteΒ scientific, philosophical, literary and historicalΒ literacy that have stepped up to the plate publicly for TEAM TRUTHΒ (there are others but understandably they are less reticent). One leading lightΒ is Gad Saad whose praises I’ve sungΒ in previous posts; the secondΒ is Jordan Peterson who has recently been forced into the limelight.Β Peterson is well on the way to becoming the sort of public intellectual that Jonathan Haidt has occupied for several years β€” i.e. a paragon of humility, modesty, fairness, integrity, wisdom, intellectual honesty, guts, and fortitude.Β There are good interviews with Peterson but the one with Joe Rogan is best since both participants are on top form and the discussion is expansive and nuanced β€” religion, meaning, ethics, ideology, politics, genocide, science, consciousness, literature, and opening with a swipe at ((theΒ cipher [0] or the biggest β€œcuck” @ 9:16)) β€” Trudeau. As…

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