Capitalism & Evidence Against The Myth That Only White People Are Guilty Of Colonialism.


“Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil. You have to eliminate it…” says Michael More* in “Capitalism: A Love Story.” I would say that human beings are inherently dysfunctional with a penchant for evil if the circumstances are right, depending on the individual of course. There is little doubt in my mind that most people can transform into savages if their life depended on it. As my brother proclaimed during one of our discussions ” we have a choice, it might not be a comfortable choice, but it is still a choice.” A choice isn’t only valid if it’s easy…. Makes me think of those who claim that “democracy doesn’t work” if they don’t get things their way. There would be something seriously wrong with elections and referendums if the outcome was the same every single time. Sometimes the aftermath is good and sometimes it is downright disastrous.

Eliminating personal responsibility by blaming an evil external force in the form of an economic and/or a belief system is something that I’m reluctant to support unless we are talking about a religious war doctrine or brutal, systemized political oppression, like the industrialisation of death for example or military tactics disguised as a holy text. Some systems enable more atrocities Β than others, that cannot be denied, but these edifices of dysfunction are still constructed by humans whoΒ ultimatelyΒ have to pull the triggerΒ themselves. Β When I came across an article about “militant pagans” I officially gave up … especially when the self-explanatory “not all” argument was brought up…….It seems like conflict is one of the most predictable staples of human behaviour, just like self-preservation. If I would benefit and empower myself by doing so-and-so, strengthening my position, it is plausible to believe that I would only abstain if morality and/or a conflict of personal values would get in the way. How does that work with sociopaths, psychopaths or within a culture with no strong moral incentive?

I maintain that the single most dubious aspect of “extreme” capitalism today is the lack of patriotism involved and a general lack of concern regarding overall national longterm consequences of ones choices. The whole idea of being “looked down upon ” due to a breach in the code of conduct is not entirely a bad idea if the behaviour in question has severe negative re-percussions for your country. When do you ever see a modern western leader accused of treason? Or prosecuted for treacherous activity? Or sent away in exile? When do you see people being rightfully shamed as a result of having acted “dishonourable?” Today we have a “trigger” culture where “offensive” statements will land you in trouble online, with ill-placed mandatory Hitler comparisons and bountiful name-calling. We have a generally indulgent culture where a politician guilty of an affair apparently is meant to faze us. As long as something can be twisted to look like misogyny or racism you can consider yourself dead politically. There is no content or substance in other words, as those who start deadly and meaningless conflicts not intended to enrich or protect their people walk away free from repercussions. Nobody really questions how people build their fortunes either….fame for the sake of fame is worshiped.

I believe our general culture is a source for numerous problems. Β When we have a globalist mindset for example it is nothing but detrimental to western countries due to our labour unions and regulations. The only way that globalism wouldn’t kill us off completely was if all workers worldwide had the same rights and we all had the same living standards…but that doesn’t seem particularly feasible, not that I would be interested in living under a “one-world-government” either. The only way that that could possibly work is through a massive totalitarian 1984 government unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

I remember I witnessed quite a discussion years back between a liberal peaceful activist and an economics students, where the economic student claimed that the only way for western workers to become relevant again was to go down in minimum wage. I couldn’t believe my ears. This guy was serious though as he argued that our workers couldn’t compete with the 3rd world.

Years back I saw a documentary called “The Corporation” where a CEO explained that they were not at all exploiting foreign workers, no, what they were doing was charity. By employing people they were giving them a ticket out of the slum. They were building up 3rd world countries. I don’t doubt that the CEO in question actually believed himself to be of a charitable character but in terms of “building up other people’s countries” I fail to see why it should be in the west’s interest to turn ourselves into “has-beens.”

An interesting read that I cannot recommend enough is: “The Wealth And Poverty Of Nations” a book which explains why ” some are so rich and some so poor.” The section dealing with the Spanish Empire was particularly telling, informative and relevant to our world today. The Spaniards thought of themselves as so posh and superior since they outsourced nearly all of their manual labour. Eventually they found themselves in a destitute reality and this coupled with the fact that they had given away their power of knowledge meant that they were literally owned financially by other nations. (If I remember theΒ sectionΒ accurately, which I’m pretty sure I do as it certainly made anΒ impression on me).

Sounds like China anyone?

Speaking of which….people on the left love to play the broken record that Europeans are the only people to blame for colonialism and empire building…SMH…. they also love to claim that colonialism still lingers on today due to, you guessed it right, evil capitalism…. It is referred to as neo-colonialism….a fun fact though is that China is now the major player on the African continent….

…..and they are being criticised for it as well…since they seem to lack the European flair for charity…..behold material that will kill any argument with a white-hating cultural-marxist:


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