Out with the parasite and in with the virus…maybe someone has a voodoo doll of me somewhere πŸ˜› I’ll never be able to understand those who want to be ill. Hell is when the painkillers wear out and you have to admit that you don’t feel… optimal. Lame shit. Today I will do my best to pretend that I’m fine to see if I can “self-heal,” fingers crossed it will work πŸ˜› As we say in Norway ” Er det ikke det ene, saa er det det andre.” Today’s plan A – go to my rehearsal space for the first time since before thanksgiving….Today’s plan B – embark on the book mountain above.

3 thoughts on “Hmm…………

  1. Sean Morgan says:

    LOL. Yup! I think ya may have upset some leftist’s safe space with the truth. Hillary and her spirit cooking cannibals put the whammy on you. Hahaha.

    The only good thing about being sick is…well…i can’t think of single thing. Hope you feel better soon. πŸ™‚


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