Pedophilia, Cannibalism, Prostitution & Racism.

This year Norwegian authorities revealed the greatest discovery of Pedophilia activity in Norwegian history. After receiving a tip from American authorities about dubious activity on the “dark-web,” Norwegian investigators uncovered a vast network uniting men from all walks of life; they even uncovered a case of a man who was planning on raping the child that his girlfriend was pregnant with…

All of this unfolded as Britain had its share of a new bulk of pedophilia scandals, this time involving football coaches taking advantage of their young athletes,

not to forget Washington having to deal with its own share of accusations.

Here is another disturbing pedophilia case from Norway:

In the middle of all this there are expert’s who claim that pedophilia is “natural,” that it is a sexual orientation and that “not all” pedophiles will attack children, in fact the argument goes that some children even enjoy being in relationships with pedophiles…yep….you read that right…

While I was reading a number of these disturbing articles I also came across a case, where a mother advertised online that she was looking for someone to abuse her daughter, as she just enjoyed to watch…..the daughter eventually died.

I also came across another scandal, where a lesbian couple tortured children in their care more details concerning the case can be found in other articles.

My mom always told me “don’t assume that old people are nice, even criminals age…” hmmm…

Hmm…should anyone who sexually desecrate a body, alive or dead, young or old, male or female…be punished by death?

I didn’t know that it was illegal for Americans to adopt Russian children, but this law was put in effect a while back. Apparently Kremlin were selling a narrative that Americans were adopting Russian children only to abuse and kill them…I came across this information while googling about the “western degeneracy” accusations coming from Russia…..and by googling about…

The Chinese Eating Foetuses….yes…you read that right…

At a certain point I remember seeing a disturbing article online with the caption: ” The one child policy in China has led the Chinese to eat their unwanted babies.” Certainly sound like some grotesque B-horror flick, in fact I actually came across a collection of Asian horror movies once, where one of the shorts were based around illegally aborted foetuses being used in spring rolls…. Talk about losing your appetite. Anyway, as I suddenly recalled this bizarre news article (that I did not click on) during a discussion concerning eating dogs, I decided that I had to investigate some more…and this is what I found…

The whole scenario of the “baby-eating Chinese” goes far back, here is an article from 1995:

The picture that went viral though of a Chinese man eating a foetus soup, was not “real” as it was all part of a “performance art” concept…

(makes me think of this for some reason)

…however…a Korean expose revealed that the Chinese create “foetus pills” that are marketed as having remarkable healing effects…..

And speaking of Korea……

I just finished reading a book about the entertainment industry in which Russell Brand was mentioned, he spoke about using prostitutes which reminded me of an article I read somewhere a long time ago concerning eastern European women in Turkey, who are smuggled into the country and forced into prostitution….

Even though I couldn’t find the article I ended up reading this:

To finish off this blog entry…here you got some racism disguised as something else… emphasise my point I’ll post a link to an issue that “liberals” are very concerned with in our part of the world: after reading that article you can take a look at this: and this

12 thoughts on “Pedophilia, Cannibalism, Prostitution & Racism.

  1. Sean Morgan says:

    WOW! That is certainly some heavy stuff. I swear, sometimes I feel like I am in a never-ending episode of Punk’d and Ashton Kutcher is gonna jump out and tell me I’ve been “punked.” I have such a hard time wrapping my head around all this insanity plaguing our world. My good friend is always saying things like, “what’s next…are the pedophiles are going to start demanding their right to fuck children?” And, here it is. It’s happening!

    You asked if child molesters and the like should be put to death. I think that is too good for them. When these sickos are sent to prison they have to be separated from the other inmates because even robbers and murderers have more decency than the fucks who would molest kids. Pedophiles should be placed into the general population and let nature take it’s course.

    I won’t even go into the subjects of cannibalism and eating dogs. I just had my breakfast. LOL

    I’m ready to pull a Jeremiah Johnson and head for the hills to become a Mountain Man. You know? Just absolve myself of most of the human race and live out the remainder of my life in peace with this amazing planet we inhabit. I am part Blackfoot Indian. The only bummer would be…where would I plug in my electric guitar or my PC. LMAO.

    Take care and God bless.


    • thecommanderinchief says:

      hahaha, yeah…every time I think to myself, ok, enough, now I’m gonna stay neutral, something comes up that I cannot stay quiet about. I mean there are just so many things and from the entertainment industry the narrative is very one-sided. People are idealist to the extreme but this harbours its own demons too. People only highlight the destructive force of “too-much” right wing, I don’t think anyone has ever highlighted the negativity coming from too much liberalism and you see where it’s leading….social-anarchy in a bizarre totalitarian form if you can even say that you know? When you have a society where people feel more sorry for the criminals than the actual victims and when protecting your border is the equivalence of racism then I don’t really know what to say to be honest….Same thing goes with lack of standards (since this excludes) and participation awards (since it’s mean to win)….A narrative that is historically incorrect is being sold to young people as well, non-issues are worth rebelling for like the “pronoun-war” and on top of this you got feminists over in Sweden who wanted “egalitarian-non-sexist” snow removal, which resulted in Stockholm shutting down, as it was sexist to remove snow from all the main roads that are mainly used by men who are on their way in to work…I mean seriously? I live in the countryside now and it’s lovely, but I’ve been an inner city kid, so I know how it is you know….and I know how strange it is when a society’s demographic radically changes too, like in certain areas of Norway and France…..the left that we have now can pretty much be labeled as suicidal….I don’t know why people only subscribe to pretty ideas without looking at reality. You have to be extremely careful too, when it comes to how you word yourself as well, because if you don’t say “not all” people will instantly accuse you of generalising, which indirectly makes you guilty of, you guessed it right “bigotry” and “racism.” It makes you wanna scream! But I think there is hope! I came across a ridiculous article written by a young Norwegian labour-politician, it was not about causes of course, it was about how Norway’s immigration MP is heartless and represents politics that “excludes others” so apparently the conclusion was that this MP would not be able to live with herself this Christmas since she is such a sociopath….the interesting part of this was the comment section….people hated the article and from reading comment sections from America and Norway and even the UK I can tell that people are fucking fed up. The worst part is that these dangerous naive hippies who see the world only through rose-tinted spectacles will probably only see the criticism as “right-wing-extremist-prejudiced-bigoted-whatever” because so strong is their faith in the globalist utopia that they don’t care nor will the majority realise it, if they lead their entire nation down a precipice. I mean there is no such as thing as “your nation” remember? That excludes others…so saying something like that or believing something like that automatically makes you evil. The greatest enemy comes from within…like the articles concerning prostitution in Eastern-Europe tells you, young girls are sold by their own into slavery and that was what happened in Africa as well, where Africans would capture and sell their own. You really ought to be careful……another narrative here in Northern Europe is that women should just walk outside by themselves, dressed how they want, like the guys, as drunk as a man as well, unarmed, which is actually quite careless…for the simple reason that if somebody kidnaps you or attacks you, well that’s it…women can’t compare to male strength but that is another fact that modern feminists don’t want to acknowledge, so they actually sell narratives that put women in danger, both when it comes to something as simple as being defenceless and in other things as well. Women can only be physically empowered by wielding a weapon, or hiding behind a strong man that protects them. The majority of rape apparently happens between people who know each other…but….this does’t cancel out the fact that there are groups that use rape as a weapon. Meaning that when Northern-Africans go on a rape-rampage in Germany, Sweden and Norway, this can actually be classified as a form of genocide. As the geneva convention has systematic rape on their list..same ting with displacement of people…..hmmm…..Preferably a family will look after and protect its own you know, that’s how it should work….socialism doesn’t make people more caring….because the caring bit has been outsourced to the “system.” Fucking disgusting, the system doesn’t care. I mean, you are tax-cattle, some welfare is great and it works over here, but when the culture changes to the extent where sick relatives, the elderly and children just gets abandoned, I mean wtf? That’s something that the South got right, because if you go to Italy you know generations of family members live together. But, but….I believe that the labour party have some good ideas, I really do and I understand where they originally come from as many of my ancestors became factory workers, when workers had to move into the city, but I hate the promotion of envy, the promotion of mediocrity, the self-hate and self-destruction that their current politicians promote and the culture of “understanding-things-to-death” only leads to trouble. I don’t really know why our ancestors were fighting for our rights and territories to be honest. People argue “one-world one-people” and yes, everyone sleep under the same stars and we all love, hate, cry, laugh, want to protect our youngs etc; but in the middle of that, we all come from different areas that our forefathers fought for, and there will always be an in-group preference….one thing is for sure…you never want to be the one who gets conquered. You want to win the battles. It is the only way to secure a future for your tribe. There are elements that divides the people on this planet, take those things away and you’ll launch people into an identity crisis. People will always find a group to align themselves with 😉 Those who believe in diversity don’t really champion it, as they are clearly in denial over differences among groups of people and they are also ignorant to the human need for belonging. If you don’t worship God, you’ll worship something else. If you ain’t fighting for your tribe you’ll be fighting for something else, and the list goes on and on. And also….it is a luxury that we can have all of these discussions of ours about how to rule the world etc; because take away our former military power or our arsenal of nukes today and we would’t have the opportunity to think about this and discuss about that, a tiny detail that everyone seems to forget. Our former military glory has landed us in a certain situation, take this away and our liberty to discuss opinions and whatever will disappear. You don’t kill your own power and you certainly don’t give it away.


      • Sean Morgan says:

        First of all…”dangerous, naive hippies”…LOL. That is sooo funny but sadly, so true.

        Frankly, I’m shocked at what is happening here in the USA and even more shocked that this false narrative the Globalists are spreading has permeated so much of Europe, as well. I can’t say how many times I hear Americans citing Norway or Sweden or any of the other Northern European countries as models for how we should be living in the US. People just don’t get the real facts, as the facts aren’t factual, at all. Speaking for myself, I have always had this idea that people were more open-minded and tolerant in Europe, and I’m glad to know that most folks are caring of others and are still thinking clearly. Yet, by what I have seen lately in the independent media and now, hearing it from you, we potentially have a serious threat to our freedom in this world. What scares me is the younger generation is being indoctrinated, in other words, brain-washed into believing all this self-loathing horseshit.

        I think that our former military victories are things to be proud of, or at the very least, things that were necessary for our future. What IS wrong with standing up to tyranny? You lived here in the States…you know how Americans revere WWII veterans. Or used to. I hate war. No other way to look at it, for me. But, I have no qualms about using violence to protect my homeland and especially, those I love.

        I long for a world where we don’t have war, violence, hatred or poverty. We’re just not there, yet.

        Miss Hagen, please do me a favor and NEVER stop speaking your mind. I don’t know you, personally, but I have the feeling you won’t. I am amazed that anyone ever accused you of having no empathy. You obviously feel things very deeply and that it a very desirable quality.

        Cheers and God bless.


      • thecommanderinchief says:

        awww….thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! well…I don’t know how clever it is in these politically correct biased times, but I feel strongly that the truth has to come out and that anyone who finds or sit on information has to share it! At the end of the day there are more important things in life than a musician on a personal quest for individual greatness or whatever, we don’t live here on this earth alone, and as I said on Instagram to the guy who hated on me, we are curators of our territories & artefacts for a limited amount of time only, we gotta look after what we got… I agree that peace is ideal, of course I do, that’s why I’m not happy with all the instability plaguing Europe right now and I’m deeply worried by a blatantly racist and hateful narrative that is being sold to younger people…I cannot for the love of God understand the debates that people are having as well, it is literally cultural-communism…. I am really shocked by how the entire music industry seems to be supporting all of this politically correct BS. Why are these people so disconnected? I don’t know to be honest. So I don’t know if everything I’ve posted on here will come back and haunt me later, there is plenty of material on here to trigger the hell out of a lot of people, to be honest I don’t really care, someone in the entertainment industry has to be different. No industry benefits from being an echo chamber. You cannot have a society where nobody really stands for anything, I’m tired of politicians who backtrack the second they make a stand and I’m tired of artist who cannot think for themselves. Thanks for your support & God bless you too :):):):) Where in America do you live btw? Just wondering 🙂


      • Sean Morgan says:

        I agree. Don’t you find it funny how artists used to champion the little guy and fight for the rights of ALL people but yet are now fighting FOR the establishment. The very leaders they would have lambasted years ago. Now, it’s the Wall Street, big-money corporations and media outlets these folks are kowtowing to and even spreading the politically correct rhetoric, all while believing theY’re actually AGAINST these entities. I like your “echo chamber” metaphor. That truly sums it up, doesn’t it? People are just echoing what they hear on their favorite “news” sources. Just a bunch of parrots, squawking over and over again.

        I wouldn’t worry too much about your opinions coming back to haunt you. True, that what we’re discussing here might be deemed “hate-speech” by some, but I can’t help thinking that common sense and true morality will eventually win. I have to keep faith that people are inherently good and that truth will trump (pun intended) all the lies and blatant attempts to sway public opinion.

        Well, I have to get going. Many chores to do around the house before the real work starts. LOL

        Have a great week and I certainly hope we can chat again. I am in Long Beach, California, by the way. I remember you said you’d been in LA, recently. I am about two miles north of the Queen Mary, as the crow flies.

        Peace and good things,


    • Sean Morgan says:

      Wow! I remember this one. This was one of the best birthday presents ever (18 December). Getting such a long and thoughtful reply. That was very nice…made me feel good. It was so nice to talk with an intelligent woman, one who didn’t just have shopping and selfies on her mind. Thank you.


  2. Sean Morgan says:

    Just so I am making myself clear, pedophiles should be placed in with general population of PRISONERS. They should never be allowed to walk the streets ever again.


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