Be more loyal to and concerned about issues rather than blind loyalty to a specific political party. Those are my thoughts, which is why I posted a long blog entry featuring a number of petitions I had signed, not that long ago. A number of these were petitions from a website called CREDO, who officially advocate so-called “progressive issues.” I now intend to un-subscribe from their updates regarding petitions due to their unprofessionalism. One thing is to disagree with a political candidate, it is quite another to engage in a smear campaign of defamation and slander. If you are planning on attacking someone, make sure that you got evidence to support your claims. If someone is Anti-gaySuper-Racist and Totally sexist you ought to look at their actions and let those speak for themselves. The fact that Clinton supporters claimed “moral superiority” with such a dubious candidate  can make one wonder. *cough* Bill Clinton *cough, cough*

Dear Berit,

Fight Trump’s hate
Racist. Misogynist. Xenophobe. Bigot. Sexual predator. Bully.

These are the words we used to describe presidential candidate Donald Trump in the last year. While traditional corporate media outlets were giving Trump free airtime and a free pass for his hate, and extreme right-wing Republican politicians were going along with Trump’s toxic platform to advance their own extreme racist, misogynistic and anti-LGBTQ agenda, we refused to normalize Trump’s candidacy or sugarcoat the threat he poses to our country.

Since the election was called for Trump, that’s what Democratic leaders in Washington could have been doing too. They could have been standing with the majority of Americans who voted to send Trump home. They could have been standing up for our core progressive values and being the first and loudest voices pledging to make sure Trump can never enact his hateful agenda. But instead most prominent Democratic leaders have been welcoming Trump into the political establishment, legitimizing his presidency, offering reconciliation and pledging to work with him.

That’s not acceptable. Democratic leaders need to stand up and fight. Now.

Tell Democratic Leaders: Fight to stop Trump’s hateful agenda from day one. Click here to sign the petition

During the campaign, stories emerged from all over the country of racist and bigoted bullying, harassment and violence against people of color, immigrants, people wearing the hijab, LGBTQ people and others. Since Tuesday night, violence against the communities Trump targeted during his campaign has only escalated – and it will only get worse if Democratic leaders help to legitimize Trump’s presidency.

Some of the most tragic reports have come from schools. At a school in Northern California, students passed out fake deportation orders. A bathroom at a high school in Minnesota was graffitied with “Whites only” and “Go back to Africa.” Students at a middle school in Michigan chanted “Build the wall!” over and over in their cafeteria. This kind of behavior is, sadly, not new, but now it’s been carried out in the name of and based on the platform of the president-elect of the United States.

At CREDO, we know that Trump’s presidency threatens every single progressive value, and we’re ready to fight to defend each and every one. But we also know that immigrants, Muslims, people of color and women are explicit targets of Trump’s hate and of the people all across the country who now feel entitled and emboldened to attack them verbally or physically. Our commitment is to be fierce and relentless allies of the people most threatened by Trump’s presidency. And there’s no question in our minds that being allies means joining the fight now.

It’s appalling that Democratic leaders are doing so little to stand with threatened communities and so much to treat Trump as a respectable politician with whom they will put aside differences, extend good faith and prepare to work.

Tell Democratic Leaders: Fight to stop Trump’s hateful agenda from day one. Click here to sign the petition

This is no time for reconciliation from Democratic leaders. Trump does not have a mandate. He did not win the popular vote. Trump is our president because of the Electoral College and a little more than 100,000 votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which tells us nothing about Trump’s popularity and everything about the success of the massive voter suppression program the right wing has systematically built over the last few years.

Republicans have certainly never hesitated to obstruct even a popularly elected president. From the moment President Obama was elected in 2008, now-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed to make President Obama a one-term president, and Republican leaders in both houses of Congress demanded and achieved party unity to completely block his agenda.

So far, only outgoing Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid has stood up and put Trump on notice:

“If this is going to be a time of healing, we must first put the responsibility for healing where it belongs: at the feet of Donald Trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate. Winning the electoral college does not absolve Trump of the grave sins he committed against millions of Americans. Donald Trump may not possess the capacity to assuage those fears, but he owes it to this nation to try.”

Judging him by his own words, Trump is a misogynist, a xenophobe, a racist and a bigot. A person like that, whether he is a presidential candidate, the Republican nominee or the president-elect, must be held accountable for his hate. Instead of welcoming him into the fold, Democrats should put him under uncompromising pressure and reject his hateful agenda with everything they’ve got.

The leaders of the Democratic party need to follow the example set by Sen. Reid and fight. It’s up to us to force them to change their current course of reconciliation.

Tell Democratic Leaders: Fight to stop Trump’s hateful agenda from day one. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for everything you do,

Heidi, Elizabeth, Josh, Mark, Murshed, Nicole, Ray, Tessa and the whole CREDO team
CREDO Action from Working Assets”

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