Not that long ago I decided to read some metal news. I have to admit that I was really shocked at the underlying resentment and anger displayed through the various articles, interviews and comment sections. Maybe it is because I’ve crossed-over and I now see the metal scene increasingly from the outside, I have to say that the general attitudes struck me as unnecessarily hateful.

Fakeness is something that is consistently criticised in the world of rock’n’roll, especially heavy metal. Being too happy is the equivalence of being fake as the world is a grim place. Metal musicians seem to think of themselves as enlightened individuals who will wake the dormant zombies up to the realisation that the world totally sucks.

An interesting fact though is that the human mind naturally gravitates towards negative thinking. Ruminating, mentally emphasising nasty comments and unfortunate events is a natural occurrence. It is precisely because of this that the majority have to invest genuine efforts into thinking positively. If we do not highlight beauty and choose to be positive it is likely that we will succumb to deep depressions finding ourselves unable to cope with everyday life.

I suspect that humans share only the good moments on their social media profiles for the exact same reasons that previous generations would keep photo albums. Why would you want to immortalise how horrible you looked for example? Negative status updates add external negativity into your contact’s already stressful lives, no wonder you’ll get more interactions on positive content.

There are of course those who over-share and exaggerate their happiness to such an extent that it becomes obvious that things aren’t going well and there are those who feel like failures when they look at the perfect facade of others. Why do we choose to see our fellow human beings as one-dimensional just because they don’t share their most difficult moments?

I don’t know. All I know is that I’m happy for others when they are doing well. When I see “fake” being brought up I instantly think to myself that the person who hates must be unhappy and miserable. Just because you wouldn’t find happiness by taking the road most travelled, doesn’t mean that somebody else wouldn’t nor does it give you the right to hate those who have found their happiness. No matter how fake you choose to criticize it for being.

One thought on “Fakeness.

  1. Sean Morgan

    You bring up a few good points.

    The gloom-and-doom “Metal” attitude, at least in my opinion, is something that most teens and young adults feel at one time or another, whatever kind of music they may like. I know I certainly did when I was at that age. My favorite band, in the ’70’s, was Black Sabbath. I LOVED their music. It sounded the way I felt.

    As I got older, I noticed my outlook on life gradually began to change as I started to see the beauty of this world and in life. I won’t pretend that I know your thoughts and feelings but, since I have been reading your blogs, I think, simply put, you’ve outgrown it. You have changed.

    As to the social media commentary you made, you nailed it. Personally, I have found myself on many occasions feeling inadequate or that I failed in life because I haven’t achieved what I had planned in my youth. I see so many high school friends on Facebook posting all these things that make their lives look like something straight out of a Hallmark Channel movie-of-the-week. Then I later find out the real “dirt.” It’s all just smoke and mirrors.

    I’ll say only this about fake people. They are, as I’m sure you know, trying to hide the fact they are just as scared as the rest of us when it comes to dealing with the shit that life throws at us. I’ve never done it but, I imagine that skydiving is as scary as Hell the first time one does it but once you land safely on the ground…it’s like…do that again. That’s how I want to feel when the end of my time on Earth finally comes. I wanna say, “let’s do that again.”

    Peace and good things.



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