I will destroy you … because you disagree with me!


Some serious music-industry heavy weights have turned down performing at Trump’s inauguration as they don’t want to be harassed online by “tolerant lefties” or boycotted in the future. As ridiculous as all of these childish reactions from “SJWs” seem, bear in mind that an author has been in the receiving end of an avalanche of negative book reviews on Amazon after he harassed Ivanka Trump on an airplane.

Traditional conservatives, new conservatives, classical liberals, alt rights and individuals placed in the centre are not any better if they sink down to the “lib-tard” level. As tempting as it may seem to shower intolerant people with their own medicine I do believe that anyone who condemns the tantrums thrown by SJWs, have to restrain themselves so that they do not end up looking just as silly.

If you have the facts on your side and truth leads you to your conclusions, you should be equipped to win the discussion and the argument. The establishment kill itself through its failures when its standpoints are implemented, such as the Feminist Snow removal in Stockholm.

Of course not all policies from the establishment is condemnable, but their social engineering certainly is.

Keep in mind that everyone seems to be convinced that their narrative is the correct one and that everyone who contradicts it is the ignorant, un-educated party … hallelujah.

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