Nothing But Bad News.


Written on the 18th of October, 2016.

I’ve been thinking to myself lately that maybe I should stop sharing news articles. I’ve been thinking that maybe I should stop airing political opinions and pretty much be as bland as so many others. If you think about it, it seems like “controversy” is only ok if you are vulgar whereas opinions is a potential mine-field. Which means that the only real controversy is speaking your mind.

People love escapism and I guess that’s what art and entertainment is largely for so that people can pretend that they are somewhere else for a little while. Then again, doesn’t our entire culture just centre around escapism?

I have always made very dark art work and my music had almost exclusively political oriented lyrics when I wrote heavy metal. I would get inspired by articles I read or basically the uncovering of others wrongdoings.

I was equally suspicious towards big government and cynical business owners, often seeing the two as pretty much the same thing. I advocated freedom and was concerned about those out there who don’t really have a voice. Few musicians really wrote that sort of music when I started out, or at least musicians that you would hear about. Artists have a tendency to gravitate towards soft ball issues, if any.

It is an interesting thing to note that the majority of music is so incredibly self-centred. Is it because musicians perceives the world with themselves firmly planted in the centre or is it a cynical move catering to the demand for reveries?

Is realism a turn off? Or are the majority of music listeners lyric blind? I normally don’t pay attention to the words of a song at all. I only care about the music 😛

When I first got myself into music, it caught my attention that the majority of music critics would constantly moan about the lack of interesting topics concerning new releases, everything was so much better before apparently, no new artists had anything interesting to say for themselves. I took these articles to heart and figured I would look outside myself for inspiration. That wasn’t hard as I already wrote about things that worried me and found inspiration in the news etc; for my art work.

Because I did this though, I guess the topics were all rather grim.

I personally get very upset if I see something horrible, change happens all the time and change can often be for the worse. Conflict is something that people naturally gravitate towards, a culture can all of a sudden be dramatically changed. The whole mentality of a nation can be shifted from one generation to the next. All empires or great civilisations peak only to get to a point  where things starts spiralling downwards. Is it a good idea to put your head in the sand and write about “nothing” or is it a good idea to write about how concerned you are in the hope that others might agree?  The best idea is probably to get politically involved if you don’t like how a country is being run, but that would take an enormous amount of effort if you were to go full in. And wouldn’t it clash a bit with the role of being an artist?

Today I was going to share articles about a muslim man in Iraq that sacrificed himself, by tackling a suicide bomber that was heading for a market. A news story that nobody in the mainstream media cared much about. I was going to write some more about the Burkini and how this in my opinion displays an ever increasing divide culturally within European nations, I was gonna share some news about Turkey and the gradual abandonment of Turkey as a secular country and I was going to mention the Pope, explaining how in my opinion he should be replaced with a new one that understands the danger of ISIS. There is a religious war currently raging. My worry is that leaders, who see the world through rose tinted spectacles, will give our civilisation a final push down the edge. That their hopeless naiveté and aversion towards conflict will only lead us there anyway. I’m very concerned about the creation of a “loser culture” in the western world. I fear that people will only get increasingly angry directing their anger towards the innocent, instead of directing it the only place they should, towards their leaders. I fear that self centred people, that sell out their own countries to enrich themselves or business owners who enrich other nations instead of their own, will seal our fate. Why you wouldn’t have more musicians adressing such issues baffles me, I guess they don’t care or that they, just like many others have enough worrying about their own personal issues.

Or maybe the state of the world is widely exaggerated, as nothing sells more than tragedy, maybe this is why there is nothing but bad news.


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