Who cares!?


So today I all of a sudden thought about Tiger Woods and how his career completely unravelled due to his personal life. It is actually kind of interesting how a society that is not a theocracy shames any public person for even the smallest of transgressions. As I’ve previously written on my blog I find it ridiculous how politicians guilty of corruption and war-crimes walk free whereas adultery or tasteless humour has serious repercussions. Especially when we live in an age where Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” and Miley Cyrus’s Twerking are considered cultural highlights. I’m pretty sure that journalists who break irrelevant celebrity scandals would look just as bad if not even worse if they were placed in the spotlight themselves. Not to talk about the general public who cannot get enough blood once an artist is going through rough times like Britney Spears did.

I think the attitude can only be accredited to serious envy. If someone has been successful or is the best within their field people have to bring the individual down so that they themselves can feel better. The desire to crucify others for being human is actually quite despicable. Nobody can inhabit the role of the moral police, besides Christian monks…maybe….

We have actual laws and we have moral guidelines, moral guidelines that nobody really cares about anymore as the Christian church has pretty much been decimated in the West. We have some guiding principles that apparently are our official values that define us as a modern society, but these can best be described as vague, and  are not really being re-inforced either. We have completely abandoned the idea of honour or acting honourable.

If a politician is engaging in treacherous activity it is of course important to inform the public, if you are the new Erin Brockovich you are actually helping the public, even if you hack the emails of politicians and release them, it might be necessary to do so if the press is too corrupt to reveal the truth. I can only imagine one scenario where sex-scandals can be of interest to the general public and that is if the person in question is dangerous.

If you are a serial rapist for example, you are breaking the law and the public should be warned. If you are a dangerous pedophile, the public should be warned as well. If you try to ruin the lives of other people by abusing your power it could be an idea to highlight it, but if you are just an ordinary person who happens to be famous for whatever reason there are no reasons to ruin that person’s life.

When it comes to crime we have to be careful that we don’t re-enact the Salem witch trials. Yet all you need is an accusation and voila people will instantly give credibility to the accuser, even if the allegations are later found to be untrue. I’ve previously written about Public Shaming., which is actually very serious in most cases. We have to trust our laws and judicial system, if it fails we have to do our best to improve it.

The very idea of privacy has changed dramatically in our modern world….right before I moved from Chicago for example I had a friend who wanted to play something for me; a recording of a friend of hers where he was talking about World Of Warcraft. The guy in question had no idea that the phone conversation was being recorded, yet she had no reservations when it came to playing this recording for me. I displayed no interest in this, condemned it and saw it as the ultimate evidence that the right to individual privacy had come to and end. During the same period there was also an increase in friends framing each other by recording conversations which they would then hand over to the press. There was a woman who was engaged in some traffic accident or something and a male friend set her up by recording a conversation where he made fun of the accident, she would laugh at it etc; He then shared this recording with the media, this of course influenced the verdict of her trial, where her lack of remorse was pointed out.

I even experienced co-students filming me only to share it with their friends, without my knowledge nor my consent. I don’t even want to think about how this type of behaviour has evolved since I went to high school. It became clear to me at the time that the only way to avoid infringement of privacy was by not having any personal online presence at all.

There is only one way to escape and that is by not having any private social media accounts, no cellphone and no private email whatsoever. By living completely off-the-radar you also make yourself harder to track down. So if you are genuinely concerned with anyone violating your privacy, this is the only way to live.

The general public has human rights, people who put themselves in the spotlight or seek attention from the public do not, apparently. Which makes me wonder: if you are selling a product aren’t you indirectly placing yourself in the limelight?

Technically you are. By being employed, selling a service or a product you are seeking out public attention. You need publicity for your restaurant, the service you offer or the product you are selling. We are all selling something, the only difference being if you are selling your services or products independently or as part of a company. So if all of us are selling something in order to get by, and we all have to pursue consumers to consume our products and/or services, then  why should the rules be different for artists and/or sports people when it comes to personal privacy?


One thought on “Who cares!?

  1. Sean Morgan

    Yup…there’s a double-edged sword. Wealth, power and celebrity have always had their privileges. The MSM is using their platform like never before to change people’s thinking. Celebrities must play along or they’ll get ripped apart by all the press, all while being naive of the fact that the first time the press smells blood, they’ll tear these celebs a new one. The Press has one motto. Build them up so you can tear them back down.

    I guess the only real power we have is to NOT let these people tell us what to think. We can stop buying there products.

    I figure this much…i’d rather be rich and anonymous than rich and famous. There is a certain freedom to being unknown. LOL


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