White Privilege.


“The Boy Who Cried Wolf” was a fable that was shared with me right before or after I turned 6 years old. The story only had to be told once to have its desired effect as I actually had been lying. I don’t really know what I had been lying about, it was probably about needing assistance … because when the day came when I actually needed help I got “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” instead. Obviously this classic children’s tale needs to be shared more frequently in modern times … There are real racists and actual nazis but there are also fake racist and fake nazis. You are not a nazi for protecting your territory nor are you a neo-nazi for protecting the various cultures of white-ethnic-European groups. To put it this way, if Europeans are not going to conserve their independent cultures and if traditional western territory is not to be protected, then nobody else will guard it and it will fall. Our territory is not even that vast in comparison to the African continent for example, if we are to disregard the “east block” only looking at western Europe, and specifically if we single out North-West Europe, the territories and the numbers dwindle rapidly.

We are few and we have relatively little, globally speaking. One thing is to lose ones colonies, it is another thing entirely to lose one’s own territory. That is precisely what is happening. Many celebrates this as justice, yet it is not, the power dynamic is simply shifting from one group to another or a collection of many others. It is just of course, that former colony countries regained their independence long time ago, what is not correct though is to marginalize or forget certain details all together, such as the fact that the Brits brought with them education, health care and infrastructure that benefited their colonies.

The mere idea that there could have been any benefits derived from being under western colonisation usually gets entirely dismissed and if anyone dares to point out the many failures of post-colony countries, the blame is placed solely on the “white man.”

In fact the “white man” can be blamed for virtually everything. I’m not even exaggerating…

I don’t hate all Germans because of their invasion of Norway. I’m just glad that they were chased out of my territory as it wasn’t theirs, nor was my culture their culture to change. I don’t want modern Germany to suffer nor do I want to it burn. I wish everyone else felt the same way when it comes to grievances…

But alas, the greatest enemy comes from within. Literally.

Years ago I said that if the political correct establishment was going to persevere in their policing of people’s attitudes, then they would only succeed in chasing moderates into the hands of the extreme. I was not able to predict though that racism would simply turn inside out with self-proclaimed so-called liberals turning into ethno-masochists, resorting to racism on their quest to stomp it out.

One thing is to create ignorance by wilfully misguiding future generations when it comes to the past through denial of one’s failures as a nation, another thing is to only emphasise wrong doings in the past as to establish a culture of bottomless guilt. The truth is found in the middle of the two. All countries have some blood on their hands but some cultures are more sophisticated and successful Β than others. Those who are superior in military strength crush even the most literate and innovative, that’s what we need to be reminded of. Your values are worthless if they aren’t fortified. Your art and high culture is left vulnerable if no one of strength protects it. When the designated defenders of the faith neglect their duties and become guilty of treachery it falls upon regular citizens to declare themselves “protectors of the kingdom.” Even though our emergency is a cultural one at the moment, it is a culture war where constant retaliation is needed. It now falls upon the skeptics, the atheists, the cafeteria Christians, and those Christians in name only to engage in a cultural/spiritual “Deus Vult,” it even falls upon the small shoulders of the regular citizen to place himself in between those westerners on a quest to destroy (our shared and individual heritage) and all of that which they seek to annihilate.

If you can convince people that they are shit and take away from them their incentive to fight, you can already consider yourself a victor…unless you are careless and spill your beans too soon. As a matter of fact the cultural marxist have. They miscalculated when to reveal their true colours and this has of course resulted in a backlash.

If you sit on sensitive information should you hide it or should you share it? Those in power deliberately hide statistics and information or stop collecting it whatsoever if it can portray their agenda as destructive and failure prone. Even though they tried, the authorities were not able to suppress knowledge of the Koln sex-attacks, even though Sweden has tried they have not been able to hide the increased tensions between ethnic Swedes and Muslims, even Britain has failed despite the fact that they’ve resorted to re-branding muslims as simply Asians.

Should one be quiet about the current European culture clash out of fear of potential white retaliation, that probably will happen eventually, as the anger simmers? Is it alright to cover up racist crimes out of fear that it might fuel the power of real genuine white-nationalist groups? Should one pretend that muslim supremacy doesn’t exist or that Afroamerican racism towards Caucasians is nothing but a myth? Should one canonize thugs as Saints in order to sell a specific narrative?

Most importantly does white privilege exist? In my opinion there is only one privilege: financial privilege. A privilege that is pointless and fruitless unless you are aware of it and can use it to your advantage. Financial privilege can be found among all religions, continents and races but It is a privilege you can easily lose.

So I ask again does white privilege exist? And my answer is this: if we live in a world with Japanese privilege, with Vietnamese privilege or Chinese privilege, then surely there can be nothing wrong with Swedish or Norwegian privilege? If you immigrate to France and take offence at France being run by Frenchmen it is just as racist as suggesting that an African country of genuine African heritage should be ruled by somebody else. If you are against racism and colonisation you have to support white privilege in white territories, if not you are the racism that you claim you fight.

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