New Year, Same Issues.

How do you start a new “blog-year”? Certainly not like this “Starting A Blog?,” as I’m not launching a new blog and neither like this “Too busy to be on my phone.,” as I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll aim for 2 entries a week in 2017. So…. was I going to write about all the new books that I’ve bought myself, the joy of getting back into shape after being ill, or trying out a completely organic skin-regiment? Hmmm….I was planning on writing an entry called “sorry” officially apologising for any un-intended typos in my entries as WordPress lacks a good grammar tool. I correct my entries going over them several times before publishing… only for glaring imperfections to find their way into the final post. This is also something I’ve noticed on big news sites. It seems like technology hasn’t quite caught up yet….  I was contemplating publishing an entry featuring some outrageous YouTube songs just to lighten up the mood a little, then I figured that my first piece could be an opinion piece… but as the days of the week went past I picked up some news from here and some news from there… so I guess it is obvious where this is going…..

  1. I’m always happy when I’m proven wrong as far as my social commentaries are concerned so when I heard about this story I was quite pleased that the stark future of Japan might be greatly exaggerated. This was the source behind the rumour btw; check it out for yourself.

2. Then again my blog entries where I shared my concern regarding future turbulence and increased racial tensions both in Europe and the USA….were not that far off….The authorities in Chicago changed their mind and decided to call it a hate crime after all…see… this is what happens when the PC people try their best to spread “Rwanda-esque” propaganda…*thanks for that*….People were already divided…we certainly don’t need that to escalate. I’ve not watched the video in the link below as I find these type of things disturbing. Always remember that hate doesn’t need a reason. The whole “liberal” viewpoint that terrorism is “deserved” or that racial crimes can be justified if they are committed by minorities is nothing but nonsense. Yet this is a theory that is promoted in high schools where films meant to create sympathy for  Palestinian suicide bombers are shown….”People throw rocks when they got nothing else, individuals martyr themselves when they are forced into a corner”…didn’t a certain leader say something about ” young men joining ISIS because they didn’t have jobs” when a lot of these fighters actually were very well-educated, integrated and employed? There doesn’t have to be a justifiable nor understandable reason for violence. If you buy into the “I’ll understand everything” mentality you’ll soon excuse those guilty of Pedophilia and sympathise, maybe even welcome your own abusers….

3. This was sent to me…..I would like to add that it has been revealed in de-classified British documents that politicians lied to the population regarding the intended role of the EU, when they first joined. This type of lying was also revealed in Norway regarding immigration. The goal was always to use immigration to fundamentally change my country of origin. I guess the same can be said of other European countries.

4. In Germany it was news that “nothing happened” on New Years Eve, of course this also led to the authorities being criticised for “racial-profiling” by some. You gotta laugh. SMH

5. I heard rumours that Hitler was back in Germany. Of course this book was never out of print in the Middle East….did I ever share the old Norwegian news-story of Neo-Nazis being arrested for demonstrating outside the Israeli embassy, whereas rock-throwing muslims were allowed to stay? SMH. #SameShitDifferentWrapping

6. An equally disturbing and inspiring story. I wish that the world could be purged of trafficking and slavery. Do sex-work customers ever ask themselves if the individual who they are “buying” is there of their own free will? #PurgeTheHeretics$sitewide%20p$8

7. Seeking Arrangements are popping up everywhere it seems…I’m wondering if they are paying for the exposure or if these chicks are so desperate for attention they just don’t see how silly they come across. I’m waiting for the “Sugar Babies” reality show…( The Naughty or Secret Lives Of The Sugar Babies)…. you know it is bound to happen….I’m amazed it hasn’t happened already.

Here we have a chick who is an escort….without realising it…..$sitewide%20p$4

8. This Christmas I also came across an article, in a physical newspaper, written by a “leftie,” who was advocating for a military escalation in Syria… All in the name of human rights of course. Modern “liberals” are not less war-mongering than others, let’s not forget the Obama administration….these people simply support warfare and destruction if it is in accordance with their ideology. Hypocrites.

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