Donald Trump’s Inauguration Speech.


Trump delivered a great speechΒ yesterday free from political bs, which certainly made him stand out as a modern western leader. It was shocking due to its accuracy and its patriotism in an age where such things are considered evil in the western part of the world only. Self destruction and self hate is the political norm so it was refreshing to see Trump ripping apart all of the establishment figures he was surrounded by during his inauguration. All we can hope now is that he delivers on his promises as I think his supporters will turn on him quite violently if he transforms into a typical politician. America is at a point where genuine change has to happen. Trump declared that his victory was a victory for all Americans and that America comes first, which can only be offensive to greedy extreme-capitalists, globalist marxists, western-deconstructionists and Islamist supremacists.

For quite sometime I’ve been thinking about how crucial it is to sort out the gang issues in urban-America, what’s tricky about the whole situation though, is that if a white-male decides to go in in full force and round-up the criminals, it will be portrayed as an act of racism … so let’s see if Trump will command the police/federal forces to go in and sort out the inner-city American Nightmare, it certainly won’t be done without a massive media backlash.

Yesterday was a victorious day for pro-Western traditionalists not so much for anarchists & self-conscious (and not so self-conscious) marxists who were (and still are) out in full force doing what they do best…which is to be violent, intolerant and profoundly hateful. A leader and a government has to prioritize its own people, if not they are guilty of treason. His strong speech combined with excessive prayers from representatives of the Christian faith, set the stage for Trump as the defender of what’s left of the west. It was a frontal assault on everything that western-deconstructionists stands for and at this point, when we see the chaos that un-regulated cultural Marxism has led to, it is much-needed. The spirit of the people have to be lifted up from a loser culture where everything goes. Focus has to be placed on striving for excellence rather than settling for mediocrity and incompetence.

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