Nutcase Feminists, Happy Endings & Funny Videos.

I wrote about empty playgrounds years ago, in 2009 to be specific. If you are to watch anything today, check out this:

Shia LeBeouf is losing the plot for real. crazy

A great article about Islamic Fascism from Norway: Open letter to Trump regarding Islam. This article is in Norwegian.

More grim news coming out of Sweden, or Sweden-stan. This article is in Norwegian & Swedish.

A Great Norwegian Social Media entry about the modern state of feminism. It’s easier to protest against the so-called “white-patriarchy” than to address genuine racist attacks on ethnic European women or honour killings of Muslim European women and/or stoning in the middle east. Hmm….Why not protest leaders in Saudi Arabia for example? S-M-H

Håvard Rem
Yesterday at 07:34 ·

Så klart jeg er fly forbanna
Så klart jeg skal møte på torget
så kjønnsfascister i alle land
får høre protesten fra Norge

Så klart jeg blir mer i protestslag
når en drittsekk slarver om fitte
enn når seks tusen britiske jenter
årlig får lemlestet skrittet

Så klart jeg blir mer forbanna
av forslag om nikabforbud
enn av mobben som steiner en kvinne
de hevder har hånet en gud

Langt viktigere med protesttog
mot feil retorikk og ord
enn mot en haug med æresdrap
på svenske jenter i fjor

Så klart jeg blir mer forbanna
når en flokk går i samme genser
enn når tusen menn på et torg
gir faen i kvinners grenser

Så klart jeg er fly forbanna
Så sint at jeg knapt er bevisst
at min iver er fiendedrevet
Så klart jeg er feminist

Scarlett Johanssons’s speech at the Women’s March.

Hahahaha, I love Trump’s Press Secretary…LOLS

Hahahaha, Piers Morgan is hilarious 😀

Katie Hopkins being the epitome of British sarcasm. They know how to drive their point home.

Uniforms are hot… they really had to research it? LOLS

Real diversity is achieved when you include those who are critical or disagree with your ideas. The New-Wave Feminists.

The NHS are very reluctant to prescribe antibiotics it seems. So I guess they got that one right? At least that’s the impression I’ve got. Only 3 days are needed to cure an illness with the medicine according to new research, excessively prescribing antibiotics is doing more harm than good. Certain minor illnesses should just be allowed to be healed by the body itself. This article is in Norwegian.

So you force elderly Swedes to live in containers while immigrants are being looked after properly? How do these people live with themselves? Why don’t we have leaders saying Norway first or France first? Ridiculous. Bring back patriotism or witness Europe sink even further down into the globalist, deconstructionist, marxist sinkhole. It’s not kindness to prioritize other people over your own, it’s not kindness to offer people “help” when you don’t have the funds for it and your welfare system collapses. Ridiculous. #IDontWantAnInternetConnectionAnymore

Look out for soot coming from perfumed candles, this article is in Norwegian. 

Norwegian journalists: I love you. You are amazing in terms of your political conviction. No one can claim that Norwegians don’t stay true to their cause, whatever that may be…but that’s also why you get amazing headlines like this one below. 😀 Thank you Odin for making Norwegians so stubborn & equally cute.

Is this a happy ending to a tragic story or has this girl just gotten better at hiding her evil deeds ? There are plenty of female killers that you’ve never heard of in popular serial-killer literature. I’ve checked out “Deadly Women” which features plenty of women you’ve probably never heard of and a lot of them could be put into the category of: Angel Of Death. 

Apparently we should celebrate the idea of Norway becoming muslim… this article is also in Norwegian…

Trump supporters being attacked by tolerant anti-Trump protesters: Democracy is a bitch when you can’t cope with the result…

A great article, check it out.

More drama surrounding Trump’s Inauguration…how can you compete with the 1st Afro-American President? Duh…

I hope Europa is awakening, we are even more screwed than America…actually…I don’t know why people in  Europe waste their time protesting Trump, why aren’t they protesting political Islam and ethnomasochistic marxists? Vive La France..

A very bad story, with a good ending I guess…you ought to be careful….

More racism coming out from Europe.

peaceful transition of power…yeah right…L-O-L…the tolerant left strikes again.

The entire country was red on election night, Clinton got the east & west coast, but the majority was red. Also it cannot be overlooked that Clinton did a bit of good ‘ol cheating… and yet she lost…

The horror of pedophilia. At least she got away…what about those who don’t? This article is in Norwegian.

A sad story from Australia but with a good ending if her posts can help other people.

Motivation quotes are everywhere, they all sound the same and are pretty much like digital fortune cookies. Apparently you are not particularly intelligent if you get fooled by fake memes according to scientists. This article is in Norwegian. 

Ehh…I don’t know what’s worse…people wasting their time doing this or me writing about it. 😀 hahaha

Norwegian tragedy. Which I had never heard of before.

A worthy way to end this weeks news entry:

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