This Week. (Trump, Putin, Mattis, etc.)

Another week is coming to an end & as usual it’s hard to know what to pick as a topic. Personally I’m making great progress when it comes to my latest artistic pursuit. When this will be shared with my fans remains a mystery 😛 I would also like to share that a book is on its way, which makes me very excited! I’ll reveal the cover of my next release pretty soon 😉 🙂

This week I went through a group of books concerning “mental training” which is something I would recommend others to look into as well. I re-read quite a lot of the The Chimp Paradox, comparing it to other works, wondering if my review had been too harsh. It was not. It aggravates me how condescending a lot of people are in their views of the so-called “masses.” The “unthinking majority” always include everyone else besides oneself, funny enough … I can only assume that the author subscribes to views like this, as there can be no other reason as to why the work is presented in such a poor & basic fashion. The drawings & text seem intended for little children, yet the topics are certainly not. Stupidity & ignorance are found at all levels of society. Some individuals do quite a lot of studying only to draw obscene conclusions, like this guy. One ought to be careful when underestimating others.  On a positive note I started reading another book, this one is about “mindfulness.” It has certainly delivered a promising start. Thank God.

WATCH THIS NOW! It’s neither paranoia nor a lie that many, if not the majority, of massive protests in the USA are organised and/or sponsored by native revolutionaries and/or foreign enemies of the west. It is also a fact that Saudi Arabia sponsors schools for children which promotes anti-western attitudes in addition to Mosques promoting incompatible beliefs within Western territories. Likewise there are real, genuine, stereo-typical Bond-villain characters who try to infiltrate & use conservatives, strategically, for their own purpose. I’ve been consistently pro-Russian & pro-Kremlin here on my blog even advocating that dissolving NATO could be a great idea, as the current instability in the middle east is usually, if not entirely blamed on Washington & perceived as an unfortunate quagmire to get dragged into. Add to this picture the unpredictable nature of Turkey’s current leader & it’s no wonder that some become sceptical towards the old alliance. When Putin then appears on-screen criticizing America’s “failed” meddling in Arabic countries, complaining about increased NATO-aggression in eastern-Europe, you might find yourself nodding your head in approval. If you then decide to check out RT for example, you’ll be shocked when you see lots of alternative projections of western truths, which may lead to you rejecting the current governments of the west altogether.

Putin has gained a great cult-following in our part of the world, as he represents everything that western leaders are not. Strength, patriotism… Putin is a leader. Western politicians are a collection of weak apologists who are apparently leading from somewhere invisible, without any clear objectives besides globalism and the slow de-construction of Europe, or so it seems. Yet Russia is far from perfect and deserves critical scrutiny. Sadly the usual critique of Russia is not directed towards “Duginism” or any other political ideas, but rather towards Putin’s arrest of Pussy Riot or Kremlin’s dislike of gay’s & alternative sexual orientations. The worst display of anti-Russian sentiments must have been Hillary Clinton’s conspiracy theory regarding the alt-right & Putin, which only made her seem ridiculous at the time of her campaign.

On the other hand, I was shocked when I heard that some of Putin’s advisors apparently had been calling for the nuking of a western territory, something small, like the Faroe Islands, just to “put their foot down.” This made me wonder what on earth was going on behind the scenes; if Kremlin are absolute paranoid or if NATO countries are genuine aggressors and not the good guys that we are taught we should believe them to be. Trying to provoke a full on conflict does of course not seem appealing, which is one of the reasons as to why I’m glad that Clinton did not win the election as she was way too trigger happy towards Russia. It seems like relations between Washington & Kremlin are off to a very good start, but even though it is and peace is always the ideal situation, at least from a civilian perspective, it is important to remember & read about the strategy advocated by Dugin and also bear in mind that Turkey and Russia have now, all of a sudden, formed a new bond. After their very public fall-out which sparked genuine public fear over a potential conflict due to the carelessness of a NATO country, Turkey and Russia are now “best pals” which shows us how fast these “friendships” between nations can turn sour….

In the news this week the press was in shock over the fact that Trump actually is delivering what he promised to the American people. Celebrities, journalist & academics have been quick to blame Trump for dividing the populace, pinning old issues on him to justify their absolute hatred & (at this point) irrational fear. The military was celebrating Trump’s choice of retired General James Mattis as the nation’s Secretary of Defense, unleashing a hilarious flood of epic memes.



From the public Instagram account of @bakewell.jpeg

I have to admit that I’m excited. Trump is not the 1st President to ban people from specific countries that are considered dangerous. The nations on his list were territories described as being potentially dangerous by the Obama administration, so I don’t know what’s worse: to know where the danger is & suppress or ignore it, or to know where the enemy is and be honest about it. You can read about all of this chaos everywhere online. (Of course conservative and liberal media outlets  will disagree greatly on Trump’s success). Any criticism directed towards European leadership from the Trump camp, regarding immigration, is justified. We are reaching a tipping point & the only sensible course of action would be to do everything in our power to prevent escalated chaos within our continent. It could easily be done by ceasing all immigration from certain countries, deporting those guilty of crimes & those guilty of supporting terrorist activity. If a large percentage of Muslims in the UK, hold values that are irreconcilable with ours, then why not keep those who like it here & have integrated well, while sending out those who do not? It is my wish that a new hopeless foundation upon which a modern European conflict can, and probably will, emerge, is deconstructed. We need to make sure that we advance into the future “with baby steps” so that we can successfully integrate the new-Europeans into the fabric of our societies, without losing ourselves. This can only be done if we curb the cultural marxist elements within our society and put an end to immigration from historically incompatible cultures for now. Not necessarily indefinitely. We need to do this in order to stabilise Europe.  

Why is it considered charitable to allow people into ones country if they cannot be looked after properly? It is not ok if the bureaucrats favours foreigners above their native countrymen who they’ve been elected to serve and protect. If “refugees” thrive at the expense of the original European population, it will create anger and resentment within the ethnic populace and rather than directing this anger towards government figures, we run the risk of this sentiment being directed towards innocent muslims. It is not kindness to offer immigrants a life of crime and/or homelessness. Charity is only true if you utilise both your heart & your head. We need to be assertive & let muslims in Europe know that they have to adjust to us, it is ridiculous that our leadership do everything to appease them. It doesn’t make any sense & radiates nothing but weakness. Why should anyone respect or consider our authority legitimate, if members of the law enforcement are impeded by political correctness enforced by judges and politicians? By undermining their own law enforcement officers, they establish their own illegitimacy to rule. When the government makes the decision to cease the collection of relevant data, regarding crime out of fear of the results, they are doing us all a great disservice. I hope that the predicted future conflicts can be avoided, but I fear that they will not, unless European governments take affirmative, but humane, action right now.

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