Update about my Lyric book, life, etc;

Hi there to my subscribers & followers ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m happy to announce that my 1st Lyric book is out as an e-book ๐Ÿ˜‰ You can pre-order it on Amazon for Kindle, but it is already available for purchase on iBook ๐Ÿ™‚ I decided to make this as there were many who asked me about the lyrics for my songs.

This illustrated eBook contains ALL the original songs that I’ve published for sale so far.

My Lyric book can be bought here.ย orย Pre-ordered for kindle here on Amazon ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m certainly excited as it always feels good to bring a project to completion, no matter what it is. I always like that feeling of closure.

I’ve had many people asking me about sheet music for my original music as well. I’ve taken this to heart and would of course also like to see that happening, but I would have to hire someone to do it for me as I don’t write notations myself. I would also have to supervise the process completely as my original music contains many layers of different guitar parts, obviously all the details would have to be included, same with all the different background vocals; etc. I am aware of the fact though that there is a serious request for it.ย 

People have been asking me how they can read ย my blog chronologically, well there is an archive function in the sidebar of this page, it’s visible on proper screens but you have to click on the + sign in the upper left corner if you are to see all the content of the sidebar on a phone.

On this blog I release entries about a variety of topics, the blog has gotten a bit political as of late due my general concern regarding a number of issues. It has become evident for example that classical liberals have been marginalised as “cultural marxists” who hate the west are being presented as the “real” left. It seems like American politics have gone completely mad with politicians literally encouraging Americans to go out “and fight in the streets.” College campuses are at this point coming across as “lost causes” with people behaving more like revolutionaries rather than civilised “concerned” citizens. It’s important to not become a tool, a so-called “useful idiot” something that could happen to the best of us. You are not without empathy just because you believe in border-control. It’s vital to not dehumanized opponents.

I’m convinced that the behaviour of so-called “SJWs” & especially the new forms of identity politics, combined again with ethnomasochism and a refusal to admit to the fact that we have genuine enemies, are good reasons for people to abandoned the modern left, I believe though that we have to be careful not to reject all liberal principles in protest, as this could bite us in the ass at a later stage. When the choice seems to be between encouraged hatred towards law enforcement and “politically correct” socially enforced, totalitarian, unrestrained liberalism with a globalist outlook vs. support for law enforcement, the military and a love for one’s country & heritage, it’s not hard to see what would be sounder to side with. We’ve pretty much arrived at a point where people willing to defend their country, or leaders prioritising their own people are perceived as completely evil.ย 

Kindness is only valid if it is on a global scale. Which is why political violence against ones opponent is now being “promoted” as politically correct. If you’ve first dehumanized those who disagrees with you, labelling them as evil, why would it be wrong to attack them? This type of thinking should make everyone feel concerned. It’s dangerous.ย 

I will not attack you, nor hate you if you disagree with me, but I will become concerned if I’m threatened. This will probably become more and more common as any type of “traditionalist” or “conservative” views are being hailed as “wrong-think.” In fact it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we are entering into a future where persecution will become common and justified when you see how people my age and younger are behaving. The level of intolerance is staggering. (UPDATE:ย Generation Z are very conservative. And my predictions can therefore be mistaken. Which is very good. I’ve heard it said several times as of late that younger people are increasingly more traditionalist. I’m very happy to hear this.)

This lack of respect towards other’s ideas is poison and resembles the intolerance of militant Islam, where a verbal attack on the prophet or a drawing of Muhammad will be perceived as a declaration of war.

Not identifying the enemy doesn’t make you nicer, it makes you self-destructive. Of course this doesn’t mean that you should be trigger happy at any occasion but rather cautious, vigilant and aware.



7 thoughts on “Update about my Lyric book, life, etc;

  1. Kenny Muriel says:

    Awesome news about the lyric book! I was looking forward to this. Will there by any chance be a printed version in the future? Possibly signed?


    • thecommanderinchief says:

      Hi there! I’ve ordered one for myself first to see how it looks like, whether or not there will be physical copies available depends a bit on the demand and production costs. I know for a fact that the iBook version looks really cool on my phone, I also have a pdf version I think I’ll sell through my own website. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Kenny Muriel says:

        Hey I just ordered your E-book on amazon and plan to also get it on iBook so I can read it on my iPod as well. I just want to help out, support your work, and be able to read the lyrics while viewing your art wherever I am, whichever device I use. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll probably also get the PDF version once you sell it on your website. I for sure will keep hoping for a signed physical copy in the future. I keep listening to all of your CDs and can’t wait for more music in the future.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Kenny Muriel says:

    Now I can sing along and not sing wrong words haha.
    I must say though that your “Let It Go” really speaks to me and helps me to deal with all of the people who say a lot of unpleasant things to me.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Kenny Muriel says:

        No problem. I also got the iBook and it looks great on my macbook. Well I guess I’m sort of used to people judging and saying things because I guess maybe I’m different. It’s one of the things that drew me to metal music. But yes I love that song (and not the Frozen song by the same name) and now am gaining a greater appreciation for your other songs after reading through all of the lyrics.
        Not to bother you or be too nosey, but how many siblings do you have and are you the oldest, youngest, or somewhere in the middle?

        Also where can I hear “Om Jeg Aldri Ser Deg Igjen” and what does the title mean?

        Liked by 1 person

      • thecommanderinchief says:

        Hi there! We are 4 & I’m the oldest. That song is in Norwegian and means: If I never see you Again. It was written to my grandfather. ๐Ÿ™‚ It was released as a single and be heard on youtube or bought through all the usual digital retailers; iTunes, amazon, cdbaby…


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