For Female Readers.

If you are female avoid Sweden: Barbarians taking over Sweden.

Here is a warning to women using the London tube: Sex attacks in the London underground/tube.

Here is a warning to women planning on travelling to India: Indian Gangs.

How to escape if you are a woman who’s been kidnapped….Urban Fear

If young chicks are snapping nudes….bad idea…

Even though I disagree with her endorsement of a utopian idea, which genetically & biologically cannot be achieved as human inequality is not only the result of our different “systems” but also and sometimes only the result of natural limitations, I applaud her response and defence of Israel. As she said: “Why is Israel held to a standard none of these other countries – whose offenses are, arguably more extreme – are held to?” Great article, great actress.

I was planning on doing a separate weight entry as obesity’s drain on the NHS  is obscene. There is a lot of focus on eating disorders such as anorexia, but for some strange reason you are not allowed to talk about fatness as being negative. There are people who even get “obesity operations” through socialized healthcare. The video bellow is disappointing when it reveals how much smoking costs the NHS as well. As a “true believer” in socialised healthcare I find this sort of information very disappointing as it proves that those on the far left and the far right have valid points in terms of “free” healthcare.

Those on the right claim that it should be  up to each and every citizen to look after themselves, enforcing responsibility regardless of how ugly or nasty or unfair it is upon the “common man,” whereas the far left advocates a nanny state as people cannot handle the task of looking after themselves.

We are either moving towards a reality where the state has to employ bureaucrats to monitor “feedings”of the population or we will experience a “well fare” crash that will hit the population like a devastating earthquake.

There are doctors who don’t want to tell their patients that all they need to do is to exercise…Obesity, fatness and laziness are serious problems. You can hate on Victoria Secret Models as much as you like, claiming that these models uphold “un-natural beauty standards” regardless of how well it might make you feel in the moment unleashing hatred upon those who look good, it doesn’t change the fact that fat is unhealthy.

red pill.

Patriarchy. An interesting video.

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