Live Better & Longer by Michel Cymes.

This book was really good actually. I came across this one in January, when all the self-help books were displayed right by the main entrance in the book store, to entice and lure all of those who feel like changing their lives for a couple of weeks when the new year kicks in 😛 … (the majority of people out there forget about their new year’s resolution before January is even over :O )

Of course all of this was right up my alley as I’ve been reading about mental-training etc, since 2010/2011, I meditate everyday and lead a very healthy life-style too. To my disappointment though it turned out that some of my purchases weren’t that good … but it is advisable to read lots of different authors and their take on the very same topic in order to get a good, balanced overview of things.

I enjoyed Cyme’s work because if was precise. What you get are proper lists with in-depth descriptions telling you what is good for you and what is not. It is being sold to you in a credible way that makes sense if you’ve read other “well-being” articles and mental training books, etc; Nothing of what is discussed is unreasonable and of course the work instantly bears more weight as the author is/was a doctor.  There was some information that was totally new to me so I certainly learned some new things.

The work is written in a very light manner but without being dumb. It is a genuine page turner, which is a rare find when it comes to these type of books!

If you are up for some no-non-sense truths written by a guy who knows how to convey his knowledge very well , then spend some bucks on this one. You will not regret it!


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