The Class Struggle – (the daily left-wing newspaper).

Something has to be seriously wrong with our society when a newspaper “founded in 1969 with a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist platform,” proves to be a remarkably good read 😮 Yes I know … I found this paper on the floor next to the entrance door of my residence in Bergen while I was there for work. The paper had been opened and folded in such a way that an article comparing “the reformation” to Islam was visible, of course I had to read what pro-Islamist non-sense this was. The article that caught my attention was cringe worthy as would have been expected, but the rest of the newspaper contained a lot of fantastic articles actually. Who would have thought?

The paper includes several Islam-critical entries in the front. They are well-tempered and encompass the difficulties faced by those who try to reform the religion and no promises that these attempts at “reform” will result in some sort of Utopia. The newspaper is also critical towards “Islamsk Raad” (Islamic Council) appointing a Nikab wearing woman to one of their positions; the hiring has led to a “schism” within Norway’s main Muslim organisation. The newspaper celebrates those teachers who stood up against the Norwegian Nazi Party under “the occupation,” offering an uplifting read and important points. Yes Norwegians should learn more about WW2, of course, such as the fact that a lot of those active in the resistance were … (drum roll) communists.

The newspaper is also clearly supportive of the idea of “bringing jobs back home.” Standing up against outsourcing to other countries is something that Nationalists and Patriots normally promote, with those on the left shrieking about “the global village.” One of the articles voices concerns regarding Norwegian Electricity export, as Norwegian citizens are taken for a ride financially. What’s really surprising though is Klassekampen’s criticism of the “fake news” narrative. Yes you read that right. The article is one of the best I’ve read in a very long time. It is remarkably soberly written from a centrist perspective, offering the viewpoint that appointing three major media outlets in Norway to monitor “fake news” is ridiculous.  Not only is it biased to assume the “moral authority” of state-owned NRK, or the two popular-lefties newspapers Dagbladet and VG, it would also be impossible for the three giants to get to the “bottom of things,” as Scientists go on and on about the same issues only for it to result in “inconclusive” findings and/or solutions a lot of times. The article is honest about how “the people” don’t trust journalists and how easy it is to create “echo-chambers.” The article is written by Bjoern Vassnes and is worthy of a translation to English so that more people can enjoy it.

The newspaper also offers a very interesting article authored by Oddbjoern Magne Melle, concerning NATO and how both leftie Olav Oksvik and righty C.J.Hambro were opposed to Norway becoming “trapped in the NATO feudalism.” Klassekampen also writes about how the fragmentation of Great Britain can become the result of Brexit, offering some interesting historical facts and perspectives. Nowhere can the “Marxism” be sensed until you reach the “chronicle & debate” section … here it flourishes like a spreading fungus initiated by a feminist assault on “the traditional woman.” The idea of “women being homemakers” is of course very “triggering” and militantly fought against at all levels. It is not all doom and gloom however as Stein Foerde and Frode Barkved stand up to defend Rudolf Steiner, a man who is constantly under fire in Norway, as the pop-media are on an endless witch hunt, against “the cultish Waldorf School.” I’m happy to see that some do their best to defend the reputation of Steiner, as Steiner Schools in Norway offer affordable private schooling. Yes, they are “alternative” but why the outrage? Maybe because the mainstream wants all Norwegian kids to be indoctrinated in the exact same way? The  article is a cleverly, sophisticated assault on the fabrication of facts by Ebbestad Hansen who is completely “owned” by the two criticising him. The newspaper concludes with a news story about Turkey’s desire to shut down a “Kurdish” tv-channel in Norway. I had no idea there even was such a thing….

So what do you say when a Marxist newspaper proves to be so very interesting? Maybe it appealed to me due to the lack of “an overarching narrative” so transparently displayed in New Scientist: Secret Map Of The Brain., maybe I enjoyed it due to the diversity of viewpoints? Sure I disagreed with a number of the articles, the cultural Marxism was on full display in terms of “the art” they promoted, but overall I felt that this was one of the most balanced, well-nuanced papers I have read in a very long time, if ever. I don’t know if this speaks volumes about our times  or whether Klassekampen has become less “revolutionary” and more moderate. Whatever it is, they’ve certainly collected an impressive arsenal of writers.





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