The Degenerate West?

The long overdue, mandatory, “degeneracy entry.”

I started this post some months ago to ponder Russias’s claim that we are “degenerate,” a sentiment that is echoed all over the internet by those in the west who are embarrassed and worried over where “the west” is heading. This piece of Russian travel “literature” made waves and probably caused quite some giggles around the Kingdom, but if you’ve read stories like these: “Getting Wasted On Cum” how can you not agree with the general criticism?

It does seem like the west is heading towards self annihilation with everything from:

  1. The weight of obesity sinking socialized healthcare. The Cost.
  2.  The normalisation and glorification of the empowering profession of prostitution.
  3. Binge drinking as witnessed by anyone out walking in England on a Saturday night or as described by the mortified Russian lady in the link above.
  4. The sexualization of little children. Which I’ve mentioned in several entries.
  5. The normalisation of all sorts of peculiar identity movements … you know what I mean…. Jordan Peterson et la la nouvelle trahison des clercs
  6. The slaying of free-speech due to the general victory of marginal pressure groups and militant mob movements. As can be seen in these links. (Ah the result of glorious post-modern thought. Thank you!)
  7. The destruction of art.
  8. The crusade against anything Christian in the western world at the hands of alien populations (muslims) aided by the secularists. 500 UK Churches closed with 423 new mosques being built.
  9. The angry women who see the killing of babies as synonymous with freedom and want to forcefully liberate you, promoting lifestyles that are detrimental to female health. Nutcase Feminists, Happy Endings & Funny Videos.The Battle That Can’t Be Won.Micro Aggressions-The problems of a spoiled, entitled, weak culture.
  10. Not to forget the doctors who are amused by the idea of murder…. Abortionists Laugh At Falling ‘Eyeball,’ ‘Pulling Off Legs’
  11. The gluttonous nature of conspicuous consumption in a generally ignorant society that perceives those pointing out the obvious as prophets. Minimalism.
  12. The hate of one’s own country and people. How To Be Evil In 2017.Tears & Self Hate Is The Remedy.
  13. All the instability in western Europe as a result of multiculturalism … mentioned by me in countless entries:

Well….all in all it doesn’t look very promising. Not to forget the increase in surveillance (The New STASI app, sorry FB.HERESY!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the support of the police state from a terrified population (and media) willing to give up their civil liberties at the altar of multiculturalism. Maybe it is understandable then that people look to Putin to rescue us from this madness as many in the west, myself included, have put Russia up on a pedestal. I think a great deal of this has to deal with the lack of western leadership and heroes; but maybe that has come to an end?


Yet … those of us who have looked to Kremlin for salvation (as America is far away, without ancient European culture + inhabited by bat-shit crazy far-left SJW wackos)  will be disappointed to watch these videos that I’ve found about Russia:

Russia Is Not Great 1/3

Russia Is Not Great 2/3

Russia Is Not Great 3/3

Yeah I know….seems like the only place of hope is Poland at this point, whose leadership  love Trump and hate Merkel. Immigrants worse than EU Sanctions. It is interesting to note however that this fascination with Russia from conservatives is nothing new: The Return Of Conservative Russophilia.…..yet don’t forget that Russia and Europe are both “delinquents” in terms of “degeneracy.” So … hurray hurray we are all aboard the sinking Titanic together, with the exception of Eastern Europe it seems. Maybe we can seek refuge in Comrade Trudeau’s Canadian Utopia in a future current year if the EU and/or Russia kill the east…..good grief.

crying boy


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