The Vulnerability of the Poor & Our Shared Cultural Heritage.

When I was over in France I came across a horrifying article via Snapchat about English school girls being so broke that they couldn’t afford tampons and pads. In the article it is written that these girls skip school since they can’t afford female hygiene products, this of course made teachers suspicious who were mortified once they found out the cause of their absence.  A charity organisation meant to help African women, now have to aid girls here at home 😮 Shocking. When can the “luxury tax” be lifted? Once the UK is out of the EU. Helping Fellow Europeans In Need.

This is another tragic article about young homeless people being offered housing in exchange for sex. Apparently there are people who think that this is generous. I don’t have words. I hope that I one day can help those who need it the most. Here in the UK it is possible to donate food to the food bank in churches, etc; to help those who cannot afford to feed their children. I’ve mentioned it before that there are many who rely on food parcels in this country. What was that? White privilege?Hmm…… Young & Homeless.

It is of course also important to note that not all beggars in the UK are genuine! I was quite surprised to be informed by a local cab driver that our “local beggars” claim benefits! Making more money than both troubadours and chauffeurs 😮 So much for preying on people’s charitable hearts! Shame on them.

I’ve mentioned it before on my Instagram, but I’ll repeat it here. England is rich in tradition and has a fascinating heritage/culture. Yet it seems like the inhabitants of this island don’t really get how unique their culture is. England is filled with old churches, beautiful in their design, that have to close down or be sold as no one takes care of them. Whether you are devout or without faith matters little – the question is whether we care about preserving historical monuments or not?  Do we as Northern-Europeans believe in protecting parts of our shared and individual identity or do we believe in throwing it all away? This church (look here) needs its roof to be restored. Read about this Norman heirloom featuring two crusader tombs and please let other people know! Please protect our history!


As we are mentioning England … these guys are looking for musicians. So if you live in London, play a brass instrument and want to keep traditions alive and well, make sure you join them! There were really good when I heard them. Friendly too. A Charming British Idea.


In terms of the general election I have to admit that I haven’t been following it much as of now. I feel strongly that new patriotic leadership is needed all over our continent, to protect European buildings, artefacts and churches from those who want to destroy them. Whether these people are cultural-marxist who believe in removing the old in order to build their new vision or members of “the religion of peace,” remember that our heritage holds no value to them. I’ve written about this extensively. Of course it is important to vote for leadership that care about the entire population, but please remember that this concern is invalid if it is coupled with a total disregard for security. Europe is under serious threat and I hope that this will influence the outcome of the election. Whether it will or not is hard to say as people have a tendency to gravitate towards those who promise a lot. Especially if this involves benefits. I ask what good are trinkets if we lose our cultural inheritance? This is a question I would ask anyone in Western Europe.  




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