Empire Of Dust (2011) – Full Documentary.

I find it interesting that this video was removed or set to private, like so many unflattering things out there on the internet. Funny enough I ended up setting this entry of mine to Private as well, as I was personally troubled by its popularity. Contrary to what some ill-informed individuals might think when looking at some of my entries, I’m not a racist, even though I’ve written about “real diversity” and also about the pitfalls of “multiculturalism.” There is a difference between opposing the evils of “replacement migration” and hating on people just because of the colour of their skin.  

There is also a major difference between the American project and Old European Nations. Over here we have inter-Ethnic diversity, and the reason as to why we never became Muslim Nations is because our ancestors fought off Islamic expansionism in the past. The United States and the various Nations in Europe face the same “culture war,” “demographic drop,” and also have an issue with no-go-zones, even though the groups “contained” within such territories differ. European territories are also “old lands” belonging to “old people” whereas America is relatively young, and became a “white-majority” country due to successful “replacement migration,” successful territorial expansionism and successful demographic warfare, by Whites.

It should therefore be easy to understand that there is a difference.

Afro-Americans came to the American territory involuntarily, Africans present in Europe today did not come here in chains. Seeing coloured people in Scandinavia is a relatively modern phenomenon. Africans actually come from Africa, in case Americans don’t really know this :/ Just like White people come from Europe. So whenever you see a White majority presence in other territories other than the European continent, then you know that some type of conquest surely took place at one time or another…. 


There is no way that I can lie and claim that “Empire Of Dust” paints a positive picture of China’s attempts at using locals for their project in Congo… The Chinese do not look bad in this documentary at all, but then again, they are infamous for the super-structures that they build and are also rumoured to be some of the most high IQ people on the planet on average, followed by the Ashkenazi Jews. It might be that these patterns of performance are changing, geneticists and those who work on “cluster imagining” and genes would obviously know the latest news in that regard. I’ve also heard that there is a tribe of Nigerians who outperform Native’s in England when it comes to certain things; this obviously caught my interest once I heard of it, because it nullifies the popular claim of “institutionalised racism” that is currently being peddled here on this island. 

If a certain ethnic group of Africans function better within an English social construct, well then you can obviously not complain about said construct being inherently racist. I haven’t had time to sit and research this, but it is something that I will look into, as it has piqued my curiosity. I’m also interested in finding out more about “African Empires” since Ethiopia had one, which I’ve mentioned in one of my latest entries, and it would also be interesting to know more about this topic, due to the weird myths that are being peddled by Afro-Americans in particular….

Anyway … after this long update written on the 30th of June 2018, I give you my popular review of this now removed documentary, that you can probably find somewhere else on the internet if you posses an inquisitive mind. 

This is a very interesting watch that should pique the interest of all of those who shriek about   “western neocolonialism” in Africa. The reality, as I’ve written about before, is that China is becoming the biggest power-player on the continent. In this video we get to see the challenges faced by the Chinese as they try to bring back infrastructure to Congo. It is impossible not to pity the locals when the Chinese boss points out that everything that the Belgians left behind fell into disrepair and neglect once the Africans gained responsibility… The Congolese are charming when they are “allowed to be themselves” but the second that punctuality and efficiency is on the agenda the documentary becomes a tragic portrayal of a continent that maybe should just be left to its own devices. …I probably feel this way due to the sad eyes of the locals 😦 The Chinese are workaholics and evidently love to engage in nation building. This obviously clashes with a culture where time and long-term planning is regarded as something abstract. It is therefore not particularly fair to compare African nations to hyper-productive, uber-efficent “ants in the ant colony,” as maybe it would be better to pass on the African continent in silence and refrain from comparing it to “international standards” set by other groups. If one subscribes to current narratives of equality it would be more moral to look another way.

UPDATE: So of all things … I was introduced to an old relative during my last Norway trip who had been at sea while the colonies were still a thing. Guess what he described without me having told him about this documentary? Whenever they came to a port in Africa, they would need some local help. The locals would work for 2 hours until they were fed and then they would run away since they only wanted the food, while those who stayed the whole day to work would disappear once they got paid, never to be seen again. I couldn’t believe my ears, as this was precisely what the Chinese complained about in the documentary above from 2011. This relative also pointed out that those who live on Greenland only have one month of growth, in terms of agriculture, while the Africans have 12. You never hear about the people of Greenland starving. Interesting how I had never thought of that. I didn’t even know. He also pointed out that the most well-run colonies were the English ones. Which is something I’ve heard others say as well. Of course there is plenty of ethnic diversity in Africa, and some will probably argue that Ethiopians and the Egyptians for example had advanced civilisations. There is a difference between Sub-Sahara Africa and Northern-Africa and even a comparison like that would probably be too broad a generalisation ethnically speaking; yet – just like we can generalise about the Asians being geeks or the Europeans being inquisitive, explorers, it shouldn’t be a crime to write what I wrote in this entry. There are no problems with praising the African continent for giving birth to superior athletes and popular musicians (if you think about the musical influence of Afro-Americans in particular), but pointing out the obvious struggles though might get you labeled as you know what. Then again; who won’t in this day and age? Simply stating the obvious will infuriate enough for it to be a nuisance to the one in the receiving end of ill-placed accusations of bigotry.

(30th of June 2018, continued UPDATE) Speaking of which; it is of interest that it seems impossible to locate a so-called “Übermensch” race. A good example is how the various National sports teams in Europe have dramatically changed to such an extent that it can almost be claimed that Africa is officially winning for Europe in terms of Sports. It looks extremely strange that certain National football teams are almost exclusively African, when these teams are meant to represent the abilities of various Nations. If Europe is destined to lose against African teams then let that be it; I’m guessing that there is too much money at stake, hence why we have such an over-representation of coloured super-athletes. It serves as a good example of genuine diversity and performance diversity for sure, at least that’s the impression that I’m left with, but as always, it might be that I’m wrong. I’m certainly sure that I’m not mistaken about my “Übermensch-race” comment. There is simply no such thing. All traits are universal, but they are distributed differently which is precisely why we have global diversity within mankind, and therefore different performance levels on average, among various population groups.

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    • thecommanderinchief says:

      sorry what’s that? I watched this on YouTube & now it is gone. I’m sure it is out there somewhere on the inter webs ! It was an interesting watch & there are lots of people talking about it on message boards online, etc;!


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