“American Sniper,” “Orange Is The New Black” & “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

If you follow me on Social Media then you’ll know by now that I haven’t exactly been in splendid form as of late, this whole year has indeed been rather grim. This has given me ample opportunity to read and write but it has also exposed me to some interesting “watching” experiences … Since “watching” is such a good idea when one is ill I decided to check out some much acclaimed entertainment; such as:

“Orange Is The New Black.”Β Wow. Words cannot fully express my disgust at an absolutely appalling series. I don’t know what was the most gross: “Red’s” bloody tampon inside Piper Chapman’s pancake or “Crazy Eyes” peeing on the floor. This is a series that glorify failure, it glorifies nastiness and vulgarity. It has all of the mandatory characters that a hard-left tv-show needs; angry Afro-American ghetto-women refusing to “pick cotton” read:work inside the prison, the transgender Afro-American person who is being “abused” by the system since she cannot get her hormone pills (not that gender is biological or anything), you got a wide variety of frightening lesbians who are of course lovely (insert sarcasm), those who are Christians are white-trash racist “redneck” junkies with ugly teeth and unkept hair and of course the cops are a bunch of dumb, white, abusive stooges. Not to forget Chapman’s conservative parents who are portrayed as stiff, ignorant, uncaring and out of touch.

When a cute white female police officer join the ranks she of course says to Chapman, let me paraphrase: “it could might as well have been me stuck in here,” … you get the picture of what this series is all about. Even if you kill a person you were probably innocent of the crime since you are an empowered wronged-by-the-system woman. It could be any of us, any of us could all of a sudden end up behind bars, because it is of course completely normal to traffic drugs with your lesbian lover.

This show is Β intended to create sympathy for those who’ve messed up big time. Remember it could might as well be me or you, as it is perfectly normal to engage in human trafficking … not that this should be punished by law or anything……..

There is one police officer who is likeable but his character is obviously meant to portray an out of touch “older-white-male” who tries to warn Chapman about “the dangerous lesbians,” to paraphrase. Chapman of course has a lesbo-past as she used to be in a relationship with a drug-trafficking posh-lesbian but now she has changed and Β is in a relationship with a proper beta-male. Portrayed by “American Pie’s” Jason Biggs.

I’ll give them credit for getting one thing right: the indifference one experiences when dealing with a government employee in The USA. I can certainly recognise the attitude from when I attended a public school in Chicago. It is the air of hopelessness, apathy and absolute detachment. They certainly nailed that one.

Apart from that I’ll say that this series is as politically correct as you can get: police officers occupy the role as laughable idiots, lesbians are awesome, effeminate males are awesome, transgenderism is awesome, etc. The worst thing is that women actually adore this show 😦 That’s the sad fact. Their ratings are through the roof. People love the story line, love the characters (!), and are genuine fans of this horror. I managed seven episodes of the first season, by then I couldn’t watch it any more.

Now over to “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably noticed that women dressed like Little Red Riding Hood have a tendency to gather wherever President Trump may be. I seriously started to wonder what on earth these women were all about so I decided to check out the dystopian series inspiring their behaviour.

Of course, of course, of course, of course … (yawn).

Once again we are presented with a show (could might as well have been a movie) portraying a dystopian future where a “far-right” Christian-inspired group has seized power. The Nazi resemblance in terms of their imagery is at this point the standard. Nobody writes dystopian novels or movie scripts about a totalitarian far-left regime regardless of how accurate this may be. Nobody bothers to write about Stalin or Mao it is all about Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, regardless of the potential material available in terms of other dictators and regimes. I call for more diversity. It is sorely needed.

The great comedy of this show though is the problematic situation; women can no longer Β bear children as there is a serious infertility issue. The problem is illustrated perfectly when the main character in the show “Offred” looks back at when she gave birth prior to the revolution. She was of course in an inter-racial relationship, because this is of course what is being promoted left-right-and-centre (God forbid a white woman dates a white male – are you racist or what?) … she then becomes pregnant (one of very few) and manages to deliver a completely healthy baby-girl, which is even rarer. Only Offred’s child is in the maternity ward. Just that one girl.

A very realistic situation then unfolds as the nurse in the maternity ward is murdered and a desperate infertile woman tries to steal Offred’s baby. This is my point. The dystopia is already in full bloom before the right-wingers seize command. It is obvious that the “contemporary” world perfectly reflects ours as Offred’s man is being harassed by Offred’s Afro-American female friend since men, according to her, are the problem as they say: “my woman” and “I’ll take care of you,” to quote. Funny enough Β her friend wants an “evil man” to accompany her to her train as that would make her feel safer….

In this dystopian novel women are forced out of the work place, their bank accounts are made inaccessible to them, all their feminist-powers are stripped away. Which is actually a plausible scenario as we are currently liberated in our part of the world since “the evil white patriarchal males” decided to give in to women’s demands. In “The Handmaid’s Tale” this luxury is taken away as there is a crisis situation and “toxic masculinity” has decided to put things right according to their vision of right.

Those women who are fertile are then enslaved and forced to bear children for the elite. Enslavement is of course disgusting but the show isn’t really making a particularly good point – as there is a serious issue at the bottom of the whole thing.

The cinematic quality is really good and the acting of oppressed “Offred” is amazing, the acting from everyone involved is impressive, but the plot and the story line is very poor as it rather makes this case: That Islamism should be fought at all levels since the scenes of oppression resembles ISIS rather than modern Christianity. That’s a major plot-hole right there.

It is interesting that feminists see the Trump administration as comparable to the bad guys in this fantasy. Of course it is highlighted that lesbians aren’t treated well read:murdered or subjected to genital mutilation (*cough*Islam *cough *cough*cough*). I’ll give them credit for the annoying portrayal of how certain slogans and words are repetitively used, it makes for a pretty dull dialogue, that’s for sure, especially since everyone is a potential snitch, meaning that everyone has to guard their tongue.

With all due respects though this enforcement of speech can clearly be seen on the left side of the political spectrum as of now since the thought-police want to dictate how you speak, what you like on social media and what you dare to think. Even our military and police are out marching in LGBTQP pride parades. Not that itΒ looks totally lame or anything. Maybe the Russians get scared or maybe they are dying of laughter. I certainly know what I’m doing πŸ˜›

Let’s conclude with the: “American Sniper.”Β To claim that it was a waft of fresh air to see this movie would be an understatement. I can certainly see why some people took offence to the story of a Christian-raised patriotic cowboy from Texas heading out into the Middle East to display some American badassness. Chris Kyle portrays everything that is wrong about America in the eyes of the left. He carries his Bible with him as a totem, he is involved with rodeo and ultimately he decides to enlist and fight Islamic terrorism with bullets rather than teddy bears, colouring books and hugs. Chris Kyle embodies what the west needs in order to defeat Islamism.

The only redeeming scenes in the eyes of the leftists must be the fact that Chris Kyle was killed by a mentally damaged veteran who he was trying to help. The portrayal of Kyle’s brother and a depressive letter written by a fallen soldier just days before his defeat, display exactly what those on the left want to highlight. Ironically enough they do call for people to fight in the streets if they don’t get the politicians in power that they prefer. A strange way to behave for sure. How can you support civilian unrest, chaos, violence and revolution but not your nation’s military – if you claim to be a peaceful pacifist? Isn’t a good military a deterrent such as the NATO alliance during the Cold War for example? What about the post-WWII nuclear deterrent? You gotta make sure that you got the biggest guns and the biggest bombs if not you’ll be defeated and that must sure as hell suck.

The most harrowing scene in this movie is when an Iraqi boy is killed with a drill. I could barely watch the screen. Referring to Islamists as savages makes perfect sense – I fail to see the controversy. If Chris Kyle was alive today he should have come over here to Europe to sort out the Jihadi issue.

It is interesting to see the contrast between the battlefield and regular civilian life in America. It looks like paradise vs. hell; but how can one rest when knowing that evil is thriving? Chris Kyle is portrayed as brooding about the war. He says in the movie to a psychologist that he is concerned about all of those terrorists he couldn’t kill. He wished he could have helped more of his own men. His attitude is precisely what the west needs. If not we will be easily defeated whether by the enemy that is already here, or by any other future threats.

After seeing the movie you’ll probably sit and think for some minutes. It must be hard if not impossible to let go if one is on the hunt of bad guys. Makes me think of the “Nazi-hunters” after WWII. I have no idea how soldiers manage to get back to civilian life, it must be boring due to the lack of action. Once an adventurer always an adventurer I reckon. I imagine it must be frustrating to be confronted with a slightly “delusional” civilian populace and ultimately it must be hard to let go after having seen and confronted evil. I guess it all boils down to personality.

I cannot stop thinking about our current situation over here in Europe in regards to Islam. I saw a very interesting video not that long ago from a “Veterans March Against Terrorism” event, the argument was that the government is crap since they send out their men to fight Islamism while simultaneously allowing the enemy to set up camp within England. I feel for them, I couldn’t agree more. I’m obsessed with Militant Islam and I’ve never even been in the Middle East even though my dad used to work there. It is interesting to note what those who’ve worked in the Middle East say when they observe how Europe is transforming … The threat is real our countries are changing and not for the better.

Chris Kyle’s wife is portrayed as especially annoying in the movie as she doesn’t really seem to understand “the mission” or “the cause” but rather rambles on about herself and how she needs her husband to be there for her and their children. I find this interesting since she knew what he was doing and what he was training for when she met him. The only good scenes featuring Mrs. Kyle is when she is freaking out on the phone with Mr.Kyle as she doesn’t know if her husband has just been killed or not.

She is finally happy when Chris Kyle leaves the military … ironically enough he ends up getting killed in The USA………………

It is difficult to find exciting entertainment in this day and age. I’m very grateful that Β  Β “Game of Thrones” has returned. I cling to the hope that the popularity of tv-shows such as “Vikings” & “Game Of Thrones” mean something deeper, that there is this underlying nostalgia for badassery and the protection of ones family, territory and cultural heritage. When looking at the ratings for “Orange Is The New Black” this theory is of course challenged. I would love to know exactly how the demographics are when it comes to these shows. It might be telling to know.

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