Spooky Cults, Online Shaming and Alcoholism.

Behold some truly creepy videos. The first two are about fanatical cults. I find the first one especially interesting as it talks about how cults normally start because people want the movement to improve the world and/or their own lives. These type of movements then centre around a strong charismatic leader, but their vision of utopia eventually gives way to a horrible nightmarish situation. It is especially interesting right now – not because of Trump – but because of how Europeans feel. It is obvious that there are many out there who feel abandoned culturally by their own government, as their national identity is being transformed. We are getting something new whether we like it or not, what this will mean for women’s place in society is an interesting one. Islamic expansionism politically and culturally is the most obvious fear, but yesterday I came across a group that was pro-European, anti-Islamist and these guys believed that the role of a woman was to be completely silent and stay in the background as preached in a sentence in the Bible. They were also collectivists … taking into account how divided those on the right are, how fanatical those on the left are and how clever the “newcomers” are – it is a bit tricky to predict what might actually end up as the dominant value system in future Europe, it is not a given. Right now there is no doubt that the “cultural marxist” own the “popular political landscape” and that they drive and dictate our “shared values” but this will not last forever unless they obtain full totalitarian power.

I think many take it for granted that Islam will reign supreme unless it is fought against on a street level relatively quickly. There are those who seem to have given up, but this is not the right mentality. You should never ever give up on your country and your people. There are those who will not let alien ideologies take over, but what do these guys stand for? If Europeans are to stand up against political Islam, then we will have to get organised and unite around something. But what will that be? Not to forget so-called anti-fascist and/or anti-capitalist movements who are making a hell of a lot of noise on both sides of the Atlantic. Their activism is totally unnecessary and a distraction, yet it cannot be overlooked. In an ideal world we would have a government sorting out the Islamic issue ensuring pro-English conservative stability, (or pro-French or whatever – depending on where in Europe you are). If this doesn’t happen then who knows how things will ultimately play out. One thing is for certain – be careful what you join ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

The next video is about alcoholism. What I find interesting is how the binge drinking and party culture is promoted everywhere. That is the definition of awesome and not just in America, it is like that over here as well. It is glorified. Funny enough when you go to the doctor, there will be tons of information about how drinking a lot ruins your health. I find this a bit amusing considering how those who don’t drink are constantly ridiculed. You will be seen as a weirdo, you will be the odd one out if you’re not interested in drugs, smoking or getting wasted. Only those who aren’t afraid to stand out will be able to cope with the cultural pressure. Really religious people are usually those who emphasise that drinking is bad … maybe they have a point ๐Ÿ˜‰

The last video is from Monica Lewinsky talking about online shaming. Even though I sense that she might be a bit of an SJW in some respects, it doesn’t really matter. Her presentation is truly great, it is a very good video. Strange to see an individual so demonized appear so human. That is the danger of the media though sadly. If you want to read a great book about online shaming then please read this: Public Shaming.

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