What Keeps You Awake At Night?

Last night I was heading for bed nice and tired after having spent the day drawing and working on my singing. A good day after months of being ill. Sadly though I ended up sleepless throughout the night since I was distracted by my … *drumroll* … phone.

Right before I was about to disappear into dream-land I decided to take a look at my Instagram to see if anyone was interested in my drawing. The truth is that most are interested in my music, since well … that’s kinda what I’m doing 😛

But I was curious. I was happy with my blond guy on the left and included a darker character in my casting to make my younger brother happy.

Of course I shouldn’t have picked up my phone, because as everyone knows, once you do curiosity has a tendency to override all sense and before you know it you’ll be sitting there (or laying there) surfing around since something caught your attention.

In my case I wondered why on earth president Trump was going on about Charlottesville in Virginia. There were statements all over Instagram from members of the Trump administration declaring what a united country America is or how it ought to be united.

So what was this then? Well nobody really said.

So then I went over to Echo-chamber-Google.

Right-wing supremacists clash with anti-fascists it said.


Next question: why?

Turns out that there is still drama surrounding a statue of General Lee. The political correct establishment want this triggering statue to be removed. If it wasn’t for the fact that these type of sentiments are being echoed over here as well in terms of historical personalities I would probably have thought about it for a second since the South lost the war … but then I would probably have reached the conclusion that one of the things that make The West great is our preservation of history and penchant for critical thought and discussions. The re-writing or censorship of history is a negative activity to engage in or support. I’ll direct the reader’s attention to this scenario that caught my attention when it unfolded. I even wrote a song about it:

“Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Harry Mount described Oxford’s Rhodes Must Fall campaign as the product of “a generation raised to believe that their feelings are all that matter”, arguing that academics had been too indulgent towards student activists.[79]

On 19 January 2016, students at the Oxford Union (a private student debating society, without official endorsement or links to the University) voted 245 to 212 in favour of removing the statue of Rhodes from the campus.[80] Ultimately, on 29 January 2016, it was announced that the statue would remain, after “furious donors threatened to withdraw gifts and bequests worth more than £100 million” if it was removed.[12][81]” Taken from Wikipedia. 

Unite The Right they called this march. I’m guessing that they were going to unite everyone in order to protect this statue and to send the message that the left will not be allowed to re-shape and re-write whatever they may like in order to further their own ideology. You cannot hijack or destroy a people’s heritage and history. You can hide behind rainbow flags and pink as much as you like – but the hatred, intolerance and totalitarianism is evident and can be smelled from far away. Intersectionality or intersectionalism is after all what the left engage in, so why shouldn’t conservatives do the same? White House Bisexuality Briefing

This march then attracted neo-Nazis doing the Nazi salute… The great irony though is that even if you are totally anti-Nazi – such as myself – you will still be seen as a bigot by those on the modern-left if you simply question Islamic terrorist attacks and racism in Europe. You can even write about how not-racist you are only to be called racist – because how can you not be if you are against replacement migration? When People Can Not Process What They Are Reading.

I guess this guy is racist:

In fact I just found out that Google are racists, just look at this:

Good to know that this guy is not racist at all: https://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2017/08/12/calstatela-muslim-prof-oks-genocide/

Anyway it isn’t uncommon to see these type arguments when it comes to the current “migration crisis” in Europe:

  1. “We were economic migrants when we travelled over to America, so why should we not welcome Africans and Arabs into Europe? After all we are all the same and cultural differences are apparently non-existent as they are just the result of oppression. Social constructs apparently just appear out of nowhere without any connection to the people creating said construct or operating it…If anything we should integrate into their culture when they come over here, as ours is nothing to celebrate. After all there is no such thing as my country or your country, only our planet. Borders are an evil illusion. We are all citizens of the earth.  Multiculturalism enriches us culturally, it does not result in internal fragmentation, subversion, alienation or division. Demanding that people should  leave their old ways to fully embrace our ways upon arrival is racist and bigoted. Being an immigrant has nothing to do with being absorbed into your new society – hell no. This is racist as hell. It is also totally unreasonable to support that the native population should always remain a majority. Now why on earth would you ever support this unless you are a Nazi?”
  2. “They are refugees and we were refugees once upon a time, so we need to be empathic and let them all in.”
  3. “We’ve destabilised the Middle East so we need to take in people from countries we’ve bombed as it is our duty. They will of course come into our territories without any hate in their hearts. Any jihadism is just the result of brainwashing or insanity. It has nothing to do with Islam. People will not be Islamists if given jobs or material goods. The moment your feet touches the soil of a European country you’ll instantly become European as if by magic. How can anyone reject our values of openness and tolerance? Any jihadism is just the result of brainwashing or insanity. Materialism will ultimately solve the issue. In fact what issue? We have no issues with Islam or migrants.”
  4. Of course you got the other argument that: “We deserve terrorism since we created the terrorists.” Islam being expansionist or genocidal in the past is never really mentioned, only the so-called golden age of Islam. Nobody seems to wonder why the Spaniards engaged in the Reconquista for example. If Islam was so awesome then why did the Spaniards fight to re-gain control of their territory that somehow ended up under the rule of The Religion of Peace?
  5. If we didn’t bomb these territories then: ” We have a moral obligation to take in an unlimited number of refugees because of former imperialism, the fact that these countries were unable to manage themselves after we left is a result of neo-colonialism.”

The number one rule is that you never win. If you question you are evil for questioning and if you oppose the arguments above you cannot posses any levels of Empathy…….

Here’s the thing though … How can it be emphatic to import these people when we cannot really afford to and our own will suffer as a consequence? There is no added value and no benefit to be gained from replacement migration as it will obviously fundamentally change the culture and values of a society. The entire genetic make up will be radically changed. You build your society and maintain it so that you can give it away to your children, to the future of your tribe. If you decide to engage in cultural and ethnic genocide in a desperate attempt to keep the welfare state going so that the bureaucrats can keep on benefitting – then maybe you should think about where you recruit your “new population” from? So that you can keep your “system” operational????? That is a bit hard to do if people cannot even speak the language or don’t even want to or are illiterate in their own native tongue……..

I will direct the reader’s attention to this entry, which I’ve pinned to the top of my blog because of its importance. I’ve even translated the whole thing from Norwegian to English: A Crash Course In Politics. (What It Is And What It Is Not). 

Anyway; back to what caught my attention last night.

What do you do if you ‘re a conservative American and you are rightfully concerned about the totalitarian PC-thought-police? If you are a real racist you’ll hate what is happening as you’ll just hate anyone who isn’t white. If you are not a racist but a sensible person you will also hate what is happening since you’ll be worried about the constant attack from the modern-left directed at your culture not to forget all the violence in the streets at the hands of gangs and whatnot. If you are a politically correct modern-leftie you’ll feel that you are fighting the good fight as you are fighting for the removal of a symbol of oppression. Funny enough they’ll also hate what is currently happening since Donald Trump is president as he is a symbol of oppression to these people just like General Lee. They will hate any conservative American politician since progressives don’t believe that history moves in circles – these guys believe that we are moving towards a Utopian Nirvana. So needless to say they’ll consider any conservative as an unfortunate bump in the road towards paradise on earth.

Those who agree with them are enablers Trump’s Haters. You shouldn’t feel any sympathy for them. In fact yesterday I saw this:

When you post a headline saying: Right-wing supremacists clash with anti-fascists. Then it is quite obvious who will gain the most amount of sympathy – at least in the public forum. Who wants to openly support fascism anyway? Who wants to do a Sieg Heil? What do you do when you are rightfully concerned about the state of your country and/or nation? The people on the modern-left are full-time agitators, full-time activists and full-time career politicians. They are non-stop. They are like Samara from The Ring. So while conservatives are busy talking to their relatives, working, reading, thinking, going to church or whatever – you got those fanatics on the left marching, chanting, posting, passing through legislation, putting pressure on local politicians, signing petitions – you name it.

If people on the right then decide to do the same they will instantly be branded as Nazis – even if they are not and if you decide to Unite The Right you’ll inevitably catch the attention of those on the genuine far-right – and pictures of people doing the Nazi salute will then become the imagery of your movement since it will strengthen those on the left. Conservatives, classical liberals, in fact a great deal of people will then be distracted by the Sieg Heil. This will be all that they see  and they’ll do everything in their power to distance themselves from it. If lives then are lost due to the presence of Antifa you’ll see that all blame will be placed on the right whether it is correct or not, because only those on the right can of course be evil, totalitarian and racist. The left are peaceful, they are fighting the good fight, you don’t want to align yourself with Hitler now do you? Can’t you see they are wearing Swastikas? We are the left and we are always against oppression. We are absolutely not totalitarian – in any way. We will just force you to agree with us, why wouldn’t you? We are the nice ones?

So the message is lost.

People forget why others initially marched and people forget that being white and a nationalist doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically worship Hitler or be a racist. Modern lefties can then control the narrative and play the victim card once again, while the world gets a reminder of how white supremacists are the real danger and the real threat. Nobody reacts in the same way if there is an Islamist terrorist attack, then you gotta feel more sorry for the poor Muslims. They are the real victims remember. Entertaining the idea that there might be genuine grievances and worries motivating a right-wing march in Virginia to protect a statue should make you feel ashamed. What actually initiated the march will be lost on a great number of people. You don’t want to be a Nazi now do you? This is the exact same tactic as splashing a picture of a drowned child washed up on a beach in the Mediterranean on the front cover of newspapers. You don’t want kids to drown now do you? We need to rescue the little children down in the Mediterranean! The fact that the majority of these “children” are adult males of fighting age – well … are you a racist? Do you support the drowning of children? https://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2017/08/10/brit-police-enforce-sharia/



I’ve started to wonder what people mean when they say “radicalized online.” Is it because of what people are reading? Or is it because of actual online interaction? The best “radicalization” tool is free-float of information and exposure to reality. In fact reality and truth are very radicalizing….reading history and speaking to older relatives is potentially radicalising. Thinking about what you are reading must surely be the greatest threat?

I oppose the removal of the statue of General Lee. It is a slippery slope. Start removing one and you’ll soon be removing others too. It is a good thing that the statue of Rhodes was not removed over at Oxford because if he had fallen over here, then who’s next? Surely Queen Victoria – the ultimate symbol of the British Empire?

Everything on our continent will be seen as offensive to foreigners who aren’t Christians or Euro-fans. There are busloads of Asian tourists traveling around Europe every single day. Chinese and Japanese looking tourists amazed at what they see over here, fans of our culture. There are immigrants who vote conservative as they love living in Europe – they are grateful, they are fans. We do not need the ideological crusade of the modern-left or militant Islamists and we cannot handle hordes of confused Africans. This is Europe and it is ours. Deal with it. General Lee is part of your history America. Deal with it and move on.

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