Public Decency.

Today I came across something utterly horrible on social media that was of such nature that I will spare my readership from seeing what I saw. Curious as I can be, I decided to check out the profile of someone who apparently identify themselves, or at the least the page, as satanic.

Photo upon photo depicted self-mutilation of the most abhorrent and disgusting nature. It was obvious that the page was dedicated to all sorts of suffering, including torture and murder. I have no idea why people are moaning about “hate-speech” when you can see all sorts of disturbing images by just randomly clicking on a page. I’ve noticed that photos from the military sometimes come with a warning because of injuries obtained during fights. Fair enough, it is the same as someone on the news warning people that they are about to show pictures from a war zone.

Considering how eager people are to silence those that they disagree with politically, I find it interesting that there are no warnings at all when it comes to a page/profile glorifying and promoting sadistic activity. I’m certainly not keen on anyone with murderous intent following me around in cyberspace and I find it astonishing that a social media platform censoring nipples and “period pictures” would let other users get away with what I saw today.

Don’t get me wrong I’m very happy to be spared the sight of feminists posting pictures of their period to be honest, but that is mild in comparison to this (or these) satanist(s).

Then again I guess you can get away with whatever as long as you call it performance art … I fail to see why someone cutting themselves in front of an audience should get hailed as some creative genius, but alas … you got plenty of that out there as well….Satanism & The Clinton Camp.

I also think it would have been nice if “Orange Is The New Black” could have come with a warning as well as it cannot certainly be good for the mind to be polluted by the imagery that their show offers.

In fact speaking of “OITNB,” one of the first times I was out in London I witnessed a woman taking off her underpants and urinating right in front of me. My first impression of English binge-drinking culture was what one might expect….

Sure I like to make dark pictures myself but none of what I’ve made has been downright distasteful so that people would lose their appetite for the rest of the day…. or year. It also goes without saying that heavy metal isn’t politically correct. Still … if you intended to go full on crazy, which a lot of metal bands do, it is a good idea to warn people first…

It cannot be mentally healthy to watch too much pointless violence and dysfunction. It has been proven that people who live in the countryside, surrounded by green are happier than those who live in the asphalt jungle. By looking at a picture of a beautiful landscape you will become happier, if you see negative stories in your FB news feed you’ll post more negative updates yourself,  if you see the opposite, you’ll post more positive content.

After watching the first season of American Horror Story I felt really sad and ill. I had been witnessing dysfunctional relationships breaking apart, lots of arguing, unhappy marriages, fragmenting families, rude, evil, people, death and destruction, there was nothing there that was uplifting. I thought to myself: “never again, I’m not watching the next season of this.” Yet curiosity got the best of me since the next season was “Asylum,” and wow wasn’t that good? The best season I’ve seen without doubt. Since I liked the second season I was eager to check out the third one Coven. Jesus Christ – I don’t even wanna know what goes on inside the head of people who create such evil content. The only reason I didn’t stop watching it is because AHS is really well written, it’s best to avoid the first episode because once you start watching you just have to complete the series to see what happens next. Even though the show will get any curious mind hooked it is certainly not something that will lift your spirit and I have to say that I was not exactly impressed with the celebration, or feeding of our “serial killer worship culture” in the 5th season where Evan Peters portrayed an eccentric hotelier. Which he did brilliantly by the way.

I think what gets to me is how mean the characters are. People are so abusive towards one another. It is a reminder of how horrible people can be, not because of how they behave necessarily but because of their inherent traits.

If what you create artistically is always a “self-portrait” then … hmmm….well..

At the end of the day it matters little what I personally think of AHS as it is a horror show. You have already been warned in the title itself so obviously it is a different situation. The actors in the show are really amazing in my opinion and the writers are certainly on to something too since they can get people intrigued enough to follow an entire season even if they find some, if not all, of the content disturbing. Me being freaked out though is the point of the whole thing, the show is made for those who enjoy the horror genre.

Somebody urinating in front of me in a public street is not. The same thing goes for real-life horror being promoted online without any warning.

Somebody vocally harassing me disrespecting my personal space, an incident I’ve written about before, shouldn’t be excused under freedom of speech either.

It is interesting to notice what sort of behaviour people get away while others are punished  for seemingly mundane things.

In my opinion you shouldn’t be allowed to burn flags, but it seems like you can get into trouble in a European country if you criticise militant Islam, while hating on your country by partaking in vandalism and flag burning is perfectly acceptable.

There is a difference between peaceful assembly and violent mobs as well, but what I see and what I hear of, is that violence is excused and accepted as long as the “political values” of the offender align with the current popular political orthodoxy….

It is equally interesting what people like myself “put up with” in the public space in order to be “tolerant” and “polite.” In order to be “anti-totalitarian.” In order to respect our ideas of democracy and freedom. Fine ideas indeed if people don’t behave like baboons.

Yet I see evidence constantly of good causes turning into a slippery slope. I’ve never posted anything anti-gay for example because I think it is horrible that you should be persecuted or harassed just because you are different, this year however I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that parents brought their kids with them to the Pride Parade in Oslo. The LGBTQ movement is now making its way into pre-schools as well and this cannot possibly be regarded as a positive development. Yet people like myself are late to the party on social issues as you don’t want to be totalitarian, you want to be understanding and nice, so you then find yourself becoming surprised when you see the outcome of all of this freedom of ours.

Likewise I always expect that people aren’t really that bad, that there has to be some sort of explanation if someone is doing something, but sometimes, in fact quite often, bad things happen just because. Even though I’m as aware as I am, I constantly have to remind myself of this.

Someone might be bored, someone might be envious or someone might just enjoy pestering others.

To finish up my entry:

I wouldn’t mind at all if public decency was brought back into focus – you should be allowed to make a choice of whether you want to see horror or whether you don’t.

(You can read about Baphomet here.)

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