Voting For The First Time!

So today I cast my vote for the first time in an election in Norway, some might wonder why I hadn’t done that before but it is quite easy to understand.

For many years it seemed like democracy didn’t work in Norway. Not because my favourites didn’t win, but because the will of the people was ignored.

We had one example of a politician “crying himself” to the position of prime minister, others claim ” he threatened that he would have a nervous breakdown,” whatever the full truth is – it stinks.

If the people are voting against you it is provocating to see that very same guy as the official “boss” of the nation. It is an insult towards parliamentary democracy.

Then we had another example of democracy not working, when a right-wing politician should have been the president of parliament, but was denied that position.

I honestly had the impression that Norway was so “overtaken” by the deep state and so close to being a communist country that I saw no point in voting.

You are born in a country, but you can always leave – unless your nation is a 100% communist. Sometimes the greatest gift that a parent can give their child is to raise them abroad.

If you can get a higher quality of life, since you get more for your money in the south, then you have a very good reason for leaving. Thankfully the EU in its early stages allowed this to be easy, with their destruction of border control and Islamification they have not – as the destruction of the EU concept might be necessary due to its anti-European activity. Ironically enough…

Anyway – you can imagine my shock when the tables turned in the last election over in Norway, I nearly fell off my chair. I was deeply and utterly shocked.

There are probably many who feel clever by saying that voting makes no difference anyway, but the truth is that it does. A political movement can fundamentally and dramatically change a country, even an entire continent from the inside out. So if your vote counts and the establishment is being rocked, get off your ass and cast your vote!

You cannot partake in our parliamentary democracy unless you have a social security number and show up with your passport, so that your identity can be confirmed. Why this is seen as controversial in the U.S.A. is mad! Voting at the Norwegian embassy was easy, strict and well organised. There is no way you can cheat as a voter – if something goes wrong it happens at the top.

It was also nice to see the level of privacy. It made me proud to see how it all worked. Now I hope that the will of the people will be respected once again, it might be good or it might be bad. Either we will get a Norway where Norway is the focus or we will get a Norway where replacement migration and Islamification is the future. It is a pity that it has come to this; there should be an agreement that all political parties have the best interest of the Norwegian people in mind. Now we are at a point where this is not necessarily the case.

Right-wing parties are officially leading in the polls but if Brexit and Donal Trump taught me anything it is that the media can never be trusted. I was convinced that Clinton would win, I thought that Remain was a given. No wonder then that I got myself on a train to London today – for all I know it might be a mirage that the “blues” are in the lead.

I’m not going to reveal which party I voted for, as I enjoyed my privacy while voting. I will not tell people what they should do either. After all there is a clear division in the west, regardless of nation/country, between those who are globalists and those who are nationalists.

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