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Yes I don’t know why our immigration minister is hated so deeply by those on the left, a great tragedy to see accusations of racism being directed towards those who voted for the centrists and those on the right. It is the same reaction as the one we saw over in America during their election, only that in our country you always get coalitions. So you are apparently a racist that does not deserve an ounce of pity if you voted for our centrist parties.

It is a strange way to think that doesn’t make much sense unless you genuinely hate your country, there is nothing wrong with being firm when it comes to immigration, you either have to integrate or leave. You shouldn’t be allowed to live in a country if you hate it and want to destroy it, a government cannot prioritise other tribes over their own people nor can you mass import people if you can’t pay the bill or ensure that the original population remain a majority while the new arrivals assimilate into their new social construct. It doesn’t make you racist to support these things, people have to stop misusing that word.

You are not a racist for supporting the Trump administration either, our social debates are seriously vacuous, repetitive and at this point boring. Which is why I’m not really interested in writing about the same topics over and over again, anymore – yet this evening I saw this article about hate – yesterday I saw another one and I’m sick of it.

People have to unite for the wellbeing of their nation and country. The thing is that we are in an awkward place, how can you possibly create more laws and regulations in Norway or England for that matter? How can you possibly tax people anymore than they are already? Heard about the Tampon-Tax over in the UK? I mean if the Worker’s Party had won in Norway then what? Barbed wire? A one party country? Because there is only one way Norway and any other western country can go and that is “backwards” by removing the red tape and reducing the bureaucracy. If we move “forward” we can might as well just build walls – not to keep people out – but to keep people in.

We could might as well burn our constitution – as increased legislation and amending – makes it irrelevant. So do we nail the last nail in the coffin of “the old West” or do we try to resurrect it? Norway voted to do the latter which is precisely what America did in their election and what the English did in their referendum.

Source: – Jeg hater Sylvi Listhaug!

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