My Censorship Scare Is Over For Now.

Yesterday my heart sank when I saw that my latest video had been demonitized by YouTube. I’ve been writing extensively about how the PC-thought-police crack down on those that they disagree with, yet I have to admit that I was shocked when vocal Trump supporters reported that their YouTube channels were demonitized and videos removed. So you can imagine my horror when I all of a sudden experienced demonitizing for the very first time on my latest video.

Said video was made for the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma + the Mexico Earthquake and features a new song. I talk about how we all need to stand together and help while my description area only features links to charitable organisations.

Why did I decide to report the incident, while taking screenshots tweeting, blogging and Instagramming about the incident? Because it’s my channel and the song is my intellectual property. The video has not passed a 1000 views as of yet so it is relatively small but when something as innocent as that gets “YouTube-censorshipped” you gotta speak up in the light of what is currently happening on social media sites.

Now I’ve seen that YouTube has corrected its mistake, which makes me very happy actually, as it is good to see that a non-controversial channel in good standing, can vocally complain and be taken seriously. I was not spreading a message of hate, I was trying to help whoever needs help in America, Mexico and the Caribbean. I was not including any offensive or disturbing images of any kind nor am I trying to “make big bucks” off of other’s suffering as my video was made after a request from a follower and is the first of its kind, this is not something that I’ve used my artist profile to do before, but I thought it was a good idea and liked the idea of helping!

Thanks a lot to YouTube for correcting what was a glaring mistake on their part!


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