A History Magazine from Norway.

I came across this History Magazine over at my relative’s place when I was in Norway and just had to read it. It was very cool actually; a good read; very interesting!

It was also refreshing to read some Norwegian for a change. The publication included some incredibly long articles, which is something of a rarity in this day and age. Things are generally kept short in order to satisfy our shortening attention span, but not this issue and not this mag.

Chicago’s “lifting” is described in great detail, as someone who used to live there, it was certainly enlightening to read about it.

The theory of Hitler being high on a cocktail of drugs administered by his eccentric doctor was also included.

A great deal of space was dedicated to Europe’s witch burnings. The Germans were as always efficient, and even constructed wooden huts so that they could burn as many sorceresses as possible in one go … They do seem to have a talent for such activities *cough* *cough* The amount of wood that was needed, in addition to the shortage of females became a bit of an issue for certain German villages. Mass hysteria on a large-scale for sure. Incredible.

This article about Muslim piracy and European slavery, caught my interest to such an extent that I just had to post about it on Instagram. You can read about it in the text underneath the picture and also in the comment section.

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This is of great interest. People on the right/conservatives/traditionalists are usually the only ones (from what I've seen) who talk about Islamic Piracy which saw around 1,5 million #europeans sold into #slavery. What I've never heard of before however is that these pirates were aided and even ruled over (on some occasions) by other Europeans who had jumped ships (literally) and converted in order to make big bucks on the #slavetrade. The European converts were well respected as they taught the Arabs how to navigate/deal with the waters further #north. It is of particular interest as it is similar to African tribes selling other African tribes into slavery, or women in Eastern Europe being sold into modern-day sex-slavery by their own. The level of treachery by the Dutch man on this illustration is immense as he and other Europeans didn't just profit off the misery of alien European-tribes, they literally betrayed their own people as nobody was safe from an attack. An interesting thing to keep in mind. #trafficking #slave #piracy #pirates #muslimpirates #pirate #europe #history

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Lots of dead corpses were found on the site of a former Asylum. A great deal of the patients never left. This story certainly made me think of American Horror Story Season 2. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-05-10/bodies-in-mass-grave-at-former-lunatic-asylum-to-be-exhumed/8513064

This issues also included a substantial article about the Aztec’s hunt for “the elixir of the Gods.” At a certain point they had to “stage” fighting scenarios as they had no one to fight or no one who wanted to fight them….a slight problem with being too blood thirsty….

The History Magazine described how our beloved ancestors groomed themselves. The vikings were apparently obsessed with hygiene! They also loved to bleach their hair! Saturday in Norwegian, literally translates as “the washing day” if you look at the ancient roots of the word…. Our ancestors also shared their living quarters with their “farm” animals as well, so the stench from the fire-pit and all of the various residents must have been something to die for 😮




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