A Horrible Reminder Of How Human Beings Can Behave If Given The Chance.

In an age where everyone keeps talking about the Holocaust constantly, well there is a reason as to why. Funny though how human experiments in Japan are never really spoken about. I seem to remember that I wrote a song about this kind of horror. Nasty shit.

Anyway, this is not an excuse for engaging in culture-killing replacement migration. I mean there is no way in hell that you can make that sound good. Whoever had that idea was an idiot, or at least an enemy to anyone with an ounce of self-preservation instincts. There is no reason to believe even for a second that foreign tribes/nations wouldn’t behave like these Nazi-wackos if given the chance.

For all we know maybe these type of things are still going on “in the name of science.” I hope not; or actually now that I think of it…maybe unethical behaviour is something that our societies are forced into in order to compete with others?Β Hmmm … that’s a great excuse for imperialism in the name of morality right there. Not that a “one world government” would really work in theory, not to forget that huge social constructs are always hijacked regardless of how well-intended the initiative is. Brings to mind all of these entrepreneurs with a vision, who end up getting kicked out of their own company; or founders of movements who once again, have their image/name/persona you name it warped out of recognition. Shame that idealism or kind efforts, always seem to be corrupted at one point or the other.

I guess there is one universal rule. Don’t trust anyone or anything.

Here is an Auschwitz survivor who decided to forgive Dr. Mengele. I have no idea how she could do that :/ Good heavens. Interesting what comes popping up out of nowhere in my social media feeds.





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