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A very enlightening read … not sure what I think about the slander & defamation….but hey what are “comrades” for….Read this and laugh, if you get the humour…..

The Varangian Immigrant

practice20solidarityToday in a conversation with theย Hitlerian Heretic of Total Evilย over at โ€œThe Daily Walk,โ€ we got onto the topic of migrant crime in Europe. Being literallyย Marmiteย she decided to assume the persona of some kind of SJW/Skepticโ„ข hybrid creature, and asked:ย What makes the rapes, and other violent crimes committed in European countries like Norway any different than crimes committed by some local gang of occasional car thieves in the ass end of our mighty Nordic homeland!?ย This completely serious, and not at all shitposty query reminded me of an idea that I, like many others who have experience with some of the wonders of diversity instinctively understand, but which I had first seen clearly articulated a while back over atย EVOLUTIONISTX(another Heretical place of Total Evil), namely this:

โ€œIntra-ethnic violence is crime; Inter-ethnic violence is war.โ€

But Iโ€™m getting ahead of myself here as Iโ€ฆ

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