“Lieutenant Colonel: Women in the Military Diminishes Norway’s Fighting Ability.”

Not like anyone saw this coming or anything………………..I just came across this shockingly politically incorrect article over in Norway. I couldn’t believe that this was actually published by our left-leaning Dagbladet, yet they did, kudos to them. Here is my translation of the “news” story:

“If we want more women in the military’s spear tip that is completely ok, but then we also have to accept that our combat ability diminishes, says Lieutenant Colonel Harald Høiback.

-It can certainly require quite a man to shoot oneself out of a several hour-long ambush. A unit’s combat efficiency will therefore sink if one recruits well-trained women at the cost of well-trained men, he writes in an entry at Forsvarets Forum (The Military’s Forum).

There he also writes that we have to accept that combat ability diminishes if we want more women in the spear tip of defence.

Stronger and quicker.

To NRK Høiback says that he is supportive of having women in the Military, but that this comes at a cost if these women are heading to the sharpest units.

-All in all we see that having women in the front is something that we almost cannot find in any society or any epoch, I think there are good reasons for this, says Høiback.

He says that boys on average are stronger and quicker, and that there are military reasons as to why there have been so few women in combat units historically speaking.

-It’s not just about physical form.

Nina Rones (here comes the feminist *my own comment* drumroll … wait for it….) is a researcher over at the Military’s Research Institute and says that Høiback’s conclusion is based on myths. (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

-It’s not just about physical form. Both organisation and communication equipment is important during combat. It is not correct that men have advantages over women on all physical arenas. When we are talking about extreme endurance there is a lot of evidence suggesting that women fare better than men.”


Of course there had to be a crazy feminist stating that women are actually, in some cases, stronger than men…..I cannot even. I’m officially becoming a conservative Snowflake….or maybe I’m just dying of laughter….Talk about getting inspiration for future artistic work….behold what might come from this end in the coming year…because I literally cannot even anymore. Anyway … Kudos to Høiback for being honest. I wonder if this guy still has a job? Congrats to Dagbladet for mysteriously publishing this. What is the world coming to? I know for certain that I’m dying…for all the wrong reasons….when will people bring back the flat earth theory again I’m wondering? (Oh hang on? It never went away?Shit.) I mean the Vikings clearly knew that the earth was round if you read some of our most ancient texts describing how they were using the horizon to fool the enemy/navigate. Anyway….I have to stop, even though I’m dying of laughter…here is another sunshine story  from our Norwegian Egalitarian-Utopia from 2015…….(*drumroll*)

Women in the Military wonder if they are there just because of quotas.

Pretty much all of the women in Norway’s Military are wondering if they are there because of quotas, says a new report made by the Eastlandresearch on behalf of the Defence Department.

Four researchers are behind the report. They have studied the possibility for increased diversity in the military. The report is based on interviews with around a 100 people, among them women. The researches have also followed exercises and lessons. The conclusion is that “everyone” is concerned about quotas, and that “everybody” believes that they are there because of them, writes Aftenposten. (*Isn’t that bad for confidence building I wonder?*)

-Nobody knows for sure if they’ve been taken into the military as a result of quotas. Because of this there is a veil of suspicion laid upon all women. Concludes project leader Trude Hella Eide from Eastlandresearch. 

The suspicion about quotas is especially visible when it comes to promotions in the armed forces.

Rear Admiral Louise Kathrine Dedichen says she recognise the problematic situation.

-A perception that all women in the military are there as a result of quotas is sad. It is also wrong. Quotas are looked upon in a negative way, but it is actually a positive and necessary tool, that is clever of the Military to use, says Dedichen, who’ve been accused of getting her position as boss for the Military’s Education School, as a result of her being a woman. The Supreme Court refuted the allegations last year.

Next year the egalitarian draft will be put into effect when women from this year’s session are going out into the Initial Service. Dedichen is looking forward to this. She thinks the initiative will help the armed forces in the right direction.

-That more women are coming in is positive in and of its own. It will do something with the problems we have today, she says.

Ok….this will probably be my last blog entry in a while…since I just cannot believe the blatant stupidity, unless these women intend to hide behind super robots in the future, or enhance themselves with bio-tech. Who knows? I guess I’m happy that my parents vetoed me getting involved with the Norwegian Military (it was some sort of program for teens, so not full enlistment at all, it just dawned upon me that maybe that sentence could be interpreted wrong! UPDATED on the 8th of July 2018), it’s bad enough that I’ve nearly crippled myself permanently by playing shred guitar. I can certainly understand why people would want to defend their nation, but Europe is increasingly resembling the “Mouse Utopia” at an alarming rate. Where are the men? Are there any left? And who the hell send women out to the front rather than “toxic masculinity”? Stop the downsizing and the psycho quotas!!!!!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg!

Strange that combat efficiency and lethality should be sacrificed for politically correct ideology, but then again, whatever. I’m probably just bigoted…………….And maybe I should stop laughing since this is actually our side….ehm. :/

And also….once again….The Soviets already tried all of this weird stuff……………

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