Craziest Story Ever.

So here I am sitting innocently listening through music, when this article pops up on twitter: Macaulay Culkin sharing the oddest and creepiest story ever.

How on earth can misdeeds like that go ahead unpunished? Not good. It sounds absolutely crazy too. What a strange world.

Is everyone a bizarro in show-biz? And if these spectacular allegations are true, then how on earth do they get away with it? Even if there is lack of evidence, people talk. Few are good at keeping secrets, especially if what they witness is abhorrent. Nuts.

A good news story in the middle of all of the misery I usually link to on here.

It’s a good thing that depression etc; is being spoken/written about at least. I don’t know if it always was as prevalent or if people are getting worse. It also seems like some look for a diagnosis and that some label themselves incorrectly due to general confusion. That being said, depression is no laughing matter and should never be disregarded.

These are the type of people who’ll be protected by Norway. Hopefully they’ll stop doing that, as Norwegian benefit payouts have literally been sent from foreign terrorists living there down to the middle east. Weird.

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