Why The Internet Is Creepy As Hell….

Yes, forget what I previously wrote about social media and etc; being creepy as it can be used for profiling, research, you name it … why is the internet creepy? Because people use it. I’ve just watched the stupidest shit ever; a YouTuber literally creating a vigilante, faux-online-intelligence-operation, with a freaking hit list over political opponents to destroy, with charts and everything, even fake bios for potentially “covert identities,” behaving as some sort of Central-Command-General-whatever, all to take down “race-realists,” not to forget that this entire citizen operation was inadvertently initiated (as a response to a YouTube video made) by a chick who was clumsy with her sources. Ehhhh…….what the hell? Oh not to forget this other YouTuber, who was part of this fantastic, very secretive covert task force, saying, actually stating in a video: “I have an extremely high IQ” “I’m an intellectual anomaly,” right…..who the hell would state that online? I haven’t laughed this much in ages … but it is actually painful. I can’t believe it. All this laughing has made me exhausted actually. Too much fun.

So you are officially Satanus if you say that there are differences between people, I mean I read this book Xenophobe’s Guide To The Norwegians., and I recognised myself in so much of it. I  bet I fulfil a gazillion stereotypes of moody, negative, Scandinavians; I bet even my reaction to what is happening over here in Europe ticks every box of typical feminine behaviour “Oh the barbarians are at the gates,” and not even at the gates mind you, they are already here, but anyway. I guess I have to set my blog to private in order to maybe salvage myself from future online harassment from people assuming that you have to be racist for simply acknowledging that there are differences between not just races, but ethnicities (such as various African groups, Asian groups, European groups) not to forget differences within ethnic groups (such as Northern Norwegians, Southern Norwegians, those in East Norway, those in West Norway, Northern Italians vs. Southern Italians, North England, South England, you name it) not to forget individual differences, and families having various dominant traits or frequencies of traits. And on and on and on and on it goes.

Funny enough I previously announced (in my last blog entry) that I was done referring to online articles, that I was now going to focus on “acoustic reading,” in fact I’ve been off the internet as of late not even wishing my followers “Merry Christmas” or a “Happy New Year,” as I guess that I’m scared of my phone, for some strange reason 😮 Yet after seeing these videos, not only am I convinced that it is a bad idea to share opinions online, but it is an even worse idea to ever partake in any political live events online, and probably an even worse idea to ever consider running for any kind of public office, if this is how nuts people actually behave. Which is interesting indeed if you do things in good faith and out of concern for others. You might open the biggest most rotten can of worms ever.

Anyway … you don’t need a great deal of people to observe craziness; such as all of the drama happening here where I live, just in this one building, I mean … just check out these cringe worthy videos and be terrified. There is literally … well hang on … didn’t I say in my last entry that I had hope for the future? Ehhhh….and didn’t I also say that public opinion can rapidly change? Wha-ha-ha. Uff I bet it isn’t healthy to be exposed to this type of material, it’s too funny.

Baaahhh….I’m gonna go back to that guitar of mine now so let’s see how long it takes before I feel compelled to write another entry…..I mean I got two book reviews and some other stuff waiting to be published on here, but I was officially taking an internet break somehow … which is not exactly easy…. in fact it would seem as if though such a simple task is impossible.

And also while you watch these crazy videos displaying the worse of cringe worthy human online interaction when it comes to political debate, or maybe political crusade is a more accurate description, pay attention to the banana-event that these left-leaning-vigilante-crusaders, with an official hit list, try to organise. Funny enough they actually lost me in that video, but then again, that’s probably because of this chick’s astronomically high IQ……………………………………………………………………………………………… *cough**cough**cough**

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