Vulnerable Empowered Women in our Societies of Egalitarianism.

Written at the height of the #MeToo online campaign.

As more and more stories of sexual assault and harassment hits us it does seem as if though the world has gone mad. Nowhere is apparently safe, all men are crazy, time to get the Hijab out and never leave the house … or?

Yesterday I saw a surprising article from Norway where female actresses shared their stories of male employers completely stepping over the line, mixing work into their own private affairs, which is never good. It was surprising, because as I’ve written about before the very obvious “catcalling” that feminists are on a crusade against, in addition to blatant ageism and whatnot are things that are more visible and apparent in more Southern cultures. You do get the sense of being more respected as a woman in Northern Europe, and it cannot be dismissed or forgotten that sex-crimes can be used as a weapon against other groups and populations which clearly is the case when one looks at some disrespectful foreigners allowed into post-modern-Europe. The pimping of little English school girls at the hands of Muslim men cannot be forgotten. It’s a classic; let’s target the other women, those who are unprotected or worthless due to their affiliation/identity.  That being said, you’ll always have predators within your own group as well, that goes without saying….

Yesterday I thought to myself that the Weinstein situation in many ways resemble the Cologne-situation; meaning; where were the men in these women’s lives?

It was praised by those in leadership positions that German men stood down as their women were assaulted; this apparently was a glorious development, as it was right for them to not do anything while waiting for the authorities to show up. My question is why would anyone be interested in being in a relationship with a guy who’ll either run away or just stand there if you as a woman get attacked? Isn’t the man supposed to protect the female?

The same can be said of the Weinstein scandal. Why wasn’t he confronted by an angry boyfriend or a male relative? Why did it take an article in the press after many years of abuse for him to be put out of business? Also, don’t you have the second amendment in the USA? Why weren’t these women armed? You also have the element of fear; the fear of not getting cast or employed.

It is disgusting when sexual advancements all of a sudden gets mixed into your work , and someone literally tries to black-mail you into whatever. It doesn’t resemble anything, and my only explanation for why this seems to be so common in the show-biz, is that the entertainment industry probably attract certain types of people. I’m not going to go into great detail as I’m actually an artist myself, but I will say that ever since pursuing music I’ve been surprised at the unhealthy level of weirdness found within many of the individuals I’ve been exposed to. In Norway we say that if you feel like everyone else is crazy, then it is probably you who have a problem. Questioning your own sanity when exposed to music industry people is probably a sign of good health though; because no; it’s not you there’s something wrong with (probably). I have many a times wondered why there are so many strange, indecent people working in our profession; to blame this on the “artistic temperament” is ridiculous, as few people are actually genuinely creative in the music scene, believe it or not.

There is therefore no excuse for the eccentricism. One theory could be that a certain number of pretentious, dangerous, no-gooders, aim for show biz, so that they can hide behind “being artistic” when behaving badly and/or disrespectfully. The job-market is generally “flooded” with numerous people seeking employment, which gives predators quite a hunting ground and employers an excuse for offering shitty payment or contracts.

There is a big difference between those who are creative and all of those who pretend in a nauseating pretentious way. In fact I’ll admit that I’m guilty of wrongly using the word artist myself in this entry, as most “artists” in our day and age are performers. There is a small group of writers who sit and create most of the music you hear in our popular culture, and how innovative this creative output really is, can of course be debated. It is also important to note that self-delusion or thoughts of grandeur seem very common when it comes to members of the music-profession. Everyone seems to think that they are completely and totally unique. There are few who question their own abilities or originality, and there are many who are militantly protective and unresponsive to outside input and advice. This needless to say stifle their growth and self-development, but then again, why pursue personal technical progress in a post-modern world? There is also a big difference between proper business people and those who cannot even organise a two car-parade, calling themselves business people just because they have that title for whatever reason in show-biz.

All of that being said; interactions between the two sexes can quickly become awkward if one or both of the parties have no clue what they are doing; men who’ve been famous from a young age or for too long also become adjusted to a warped way of dealing with women, from what I’ve seen/experienced, I guess this is because they’ve been exposed to way too many groupies. This can explain why successful men in the industry are so straightforward; they simply assume that any woman who converse with them is a potential groupie……

Much can be said and studied when it comes to why people do the things that they do. That is a very interesting field, and especially if one directs the microscope towards a much neglect profession: “music.” Where is the official data concerning average retirement age for virtuoso musicians? You have that for athletes… Where are the studies and works looking into the health, overall well-being and prospects for musicians, signed and unsigned, on average? Where are proper books offering holistic information regarding the mastering of ones instrument? Where are those seeking to set new standards and where are musician-researches hiding? It would be most helpful to investigate members of the entertainment industry, to draw conclusions about average traits, behaviour patterns, etc; Since this would prove helpful for new generations of performers.

Anyway … the militant feminists will continue their war against “toxic masculinity” rather than acknowledging that women are in need of protection either by wielding a weapon or by having a chaperone. This cannot be promoted if championing the myth of the empowered female, a myth that can easily be debunked when looking at the Weinstein scandal or the Cologne sex-attacks.

I find it very saddening if women are introduced to their own vulnerability through a sexual assault and/or harassment; something that could be prevented if issues are addressed with honesty.

Fighting against masculinity in your own society, while mass importing unrestrained honour driven, testosterone culture from abroad is also unwise….

A short review written several months ago after watching “The Hunting Ground.”

I watched “The Hunting Ground” a while back …  as saddening as sexual assaults are I don’t think we can expect them to be eradicated completely; which is why it would be an idea to inform women of how “not-empowered” they are in the presence of male force and direct focus on how to give women adequate training so that they/we can defend ourselves and/or maybe re-adopt some old customs such as women not walking alone without a designated male chaperone. This would be a much better idea than to initiate feminist friendly “effeminacy-measures” in order to stamp out “toxic-masculinity,” because how exactly will our societies stand if there is a crusade against testosterone? One rape is one too many for sure, but it is generally known that college campuses are some of the safest environments for women to be in if you speak to someone looking into the statistics, etc;….nasty to see in “The Hunting Ground” how money trumps all … but then again, why should we be surprised? Worshiping the government will not make the “structure” more caring nor will the worship of absolute unrestrained extreme-capitalism make it humane. Without strong families and incentive for civilian involvement to make society better, we cannot expect much social improvement. Running to an overloaded government or expecting capitalism in its most extreme form to become friendly is quite naive. A re-emphasising of “moral laws” might improve our situation.


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