Putin’s winning strategy, and why defence spending matters

An interesting read.

Eye 6

NOT since the darkest days of the Cold War has the threat of Russia’s foreign policy ambitions been more relevant to British citizens.
Last week saw two unusually sombre warnings
The first, from the head of the British Armed Forces Gen Sir Nick Carter, warned that our defences had fallen dangerously behind military, technological and strategic innovations by Moscow. The second, from defence secretary Gavin Williamson, told of Russia’s capacity to “kill thousands” by its use of cyber warfare to cut our power supplies.
Both had one purpose in common: to remind us that, with every government department clamouring for cash, we need an open and public debate about how best to spend our tax pounds.
Considerations such as NHS, education, and investment in the criminal justice system are, rightly, important. Yet, despite Corbyn’s anti-Nato agenda, even Labour strategists are warning that we ignore the defence of our realm at…

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