Bright College Days: Part I


This is a very interesting read! Check it out.

West Hunter

I have a problem in thinking about education, since my preferences and personal educational experience are atypical, so I canโ€™t just gut it out. On the other hand, knowing that puts me ahead of a lot of people that seem convinced that all real people, including all Arab cabdrivers, think and feel just as they do.

One important fact, relevant to this review. I donโ€™t like Caplan. I think he doesnโ€™t understand โ€“ canโ€™t understand โ€“ human nature, and although that sometimes confers a different and interesting perspective, itโ€™s not a royal road to truth. Nor would I want to share a foxhole with him: I donโ€™t trust him. So if I say that I agree with some parts of this book, you should believe me.

Bryan Caplanโ€™s view is that most people donโ€™t like school โ€“ find it boring and rapidly forget most of what they do learn. Largelyโ€ฆ

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