The Pentagram

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Mysterious Times

Pentagram Pentagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia

Possibly the best known of occult related symbols. It is the only star shape which can be drawn unicursally, with a single line. Known also as the Endless Knot, the Goblins Cross, the Pentalpha, the Witches Foot, the Devils Star and incorrectly as the Seal of Solomon (which is actually a Hexagram), the pentagram is believed by some to be a potent protection against evil and demons, a symbol of safety and sometimes worn as an amulet for happy homecoming. However, the pentagram has a long an illustrious history, spanning many thousands of years and is prolific in almost all religions, cultures and sub cultures.

The earliest examples of its use as a symbol date back to 3500BC at Ur of the Chaldees in ancient Mesopotamia. The pentagram was found on postherds, together with other known signs of the period associated with the earliest known development of written language. In later…

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