Why so many Christians still literally believe in demons and Satan

An interesting article published by Salon. I’m wondering why the author feels so overly confident when he states that: “the fear of demons have endangered way more people than the worship of them,” to paraphrase. Demons/spirits are invisible last time I checked; so if there are such things out there, it would be very hard if not impossible to prove their existence, as there would never really be much evidence left behind. There are plenty of mediums and spiritualists who strongly advocate and believe in Angels/spirits; all of their evidence is based on experience and witness accounts. It is the same thing with “time glitches,” and/or the “paranormal/supernatural;” My impression is that this subject is rather murky due to the lack of tangible evidence; it’s a matter of whether you believe what people/victims/observers describe! What I personally find amusing is that mediums seem to exclusively believe in good natured spirits, and that whatever communication that they pick up on is good and honest. I just read a book where a medium described actually using a ouija board, which apparently resulted in the Arch Angel Michael saying hello. I have no idea why spiritualists would actually trust something like this; it could be spiritual shit-posting or trolling, for all we know. There is no way to verify or end up with solid evidence for any of these claims, it’s a matter of belief, based on personal experience or the credibility of others.

Mysterious Times

With the church struggling to maintain its relevance, there’s an obvious appeal to reviving the claim that people are menaced by supernatural evil. Like the best advertising agencies, it’s a case of inventing a problem so that it can sell the solution. That said, they clearly still have some work to do to fine-tune their message.

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